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Vitamin D, when did you last get your levels checked?

Did you know that Vitamin D deficiency can cause a range of symptoms in Coeliacs from hip pain, back ache, stiffness on standing, insomnia, weight gain, hormonal problems and has been linked with many types of cancer? So whilst you might put these down to growing pains or old age normally if you have Coeliac Disease + any history of osteoporosis in your family ask your GP to check your levels.

"A blood test can check your vitamin D levels. Liver function blood tests and calcium and phosphate levels are also measured as they may detect problems with the liver or bone that are linked to osteomalacia. Sometimes osteomalacia shows up on an X-ray, but X-rays are not usually necessary."

Despite lolling in the sun for 20mins (minus sunscreen) we often don't absorb enough of it via that route due to the villi damage and our bodies inability to process Vitamin D effectively. So don't ignore any twinges, as low Vitamin D can cause Thyroid and bone problems.

Here's some handy articles with oodles of research. Also click TAGS on the menu above and search (A-z) for Vitamin D for more info.

LINKS: (Men! There's still handy facts for you here too...)

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I get mine checked every 6 mths as I felt so low last year it was discovered I was just 17 instead of 50/75 that is the standard healthy range. I know when I am low as my hip/ bones ache and I feel very weak and have trouble standing after sitting for 30mins or so. Despite sunshine and supplements it seems 6 mthly vitamin D injections are the only way to boost my levels at the mo. I have read that low vitamin D = weight gain so I'm half hoping that once mine increase I'll also loose some of that as well!


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