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I was diagnosed with ceoliacs about a month ago, and even since cutting out gluten, have had a lot of days where I still feel exhausted and unable to function. I have also just developed Reynauds - although not sure if that has any connection to ceoliacs. I'm positive I haven't eaten any gluten, but do eat a lot of dairy. Is my body just in the healing process, or might there be something more to it? Any help much appreciated!

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  • Hi becky139 some of us find it beneficial to cut out, or severely curtail, this an option for you? Just a thought?

  • I think I will give this a try - thanks! I haven't had any stomach problems since cutting out gluten, it's just the tiredeness issue.

  • i'm only 3 months in to being gluten free, and i still get days that feel like i'm hungover and mega tired...but these days are getting less and less....... apart from milk in my tea and the odd low fat cheese spread in me bake tat......i keep away from dairy.

  • Poor becky,how i remember my first few months of adjusting,trial and error etc.I do sypathise.Each of us are different and therefore some people feel better quicker than others.As for feeling tired,i still get the rare bad day even now.(25 yrs a coeliac) I dont have a problem with dairy,but its worth cutting out and see how you go.hope you feel better soon.

  • Hi becky I was only diagnosed 7 weeks ago and felt absolutely exhausted. Had very pronounced anaemia and since I have been on iron tablets and followed g/f diet have felt much better. Don't know whether you could be affected in the same way.

  • Hi Becky, I am 6 months in and until a month or two ago I still felt the same. I had another blood test and the doctor suggested taking vitamin D3 supplements, mainly to help my calcium absorption as I have bone thinning but they also give you a real lift. Maybe worth a try, I use SunVit and just take 1 tinny tablet a day. The GFree diet isn't a quick fix, estimates anything fro. 6 months to 2 years for your gut to repair itself so until this happens you have to supplement your food intake to compensate for poor absorption.

    Hope that helps but remember every bodies case is different.

  • thanks all, I have taken this all on board...have some big exams coming up very soon and can't afford to feel bad on one of the exam days!

  • Hiya becky139, hope you start to feel better soon, early days yet for you. So your body is still healing/adjusting to your new diet.

    Just a thought, but have you tried 'grazing' rather than sticking to 3 main meals? If you have a little & often it will hopefully help to avoid the dips in energy levels you are experiencing. Guess with exams approaching you are having times of extra studying & revision. Which makes you mentally tired. Always think it's easier to recover from physical tiredness than brain strain!

    If you can have some cooked pasta/rice in the fridge, along with tuna or some of your other favourite salady nibbles. Then that will help with the tiredness by having a healthy carbohydrate intake. Rather than the sugar rush your body may be craving. They just end up making you feel even more tired after the initial energy rush.

    One of my favourite 'quick' long lasting boost snacks is a GF sandwich of peanut butter & banana! Covers a few of the food groups & fairly healthy too. Aldi's peanut butter is marked as GF- so unless you have a nut allergy too- is a safe option. Take care & good luck chick.

  • good luck wit diet i was diagnosed 11 months ago and had same prob i have to have vitiam b12 to and was on folic acid at first was realt tired all the time you will get better gl with exams xxxtc

  • Will definitely be trying the GF sandwich! :)

    how did people find out which vitamin supplements they needed to take - was it from blood test results?

  • Hi Becky, I was diagnosed a couple of years ago and I still feel exhausted most of the time however good with my diet I am. I still get terrible headaches too and sleep terribly and it's all compounded even more by stress! My doctor tells me it's just down to the CD and as long as I stick to my diet it'll get better but I've heard from a number of different people with CD that, unfortunately, you may just never feel 100%. I still keep hoping this isn't the case!

  • The NHS is brilliant in a crisis, I know I worked there. Its the long term stuff it can't seem to get right my gastro wont listern to on going health problem (same as above) but want's to do another invasive procedure just to see if i'm cheating! NO i'm not and neither am I a moron. As for vitamins better to have and top up than wait till you end up feeling this crap all the time.

  • becky139 We've all felt the same and often it's low B12, Iron, Vitamin D or a thyroid problem that causes the fatigue. Visit your GP and ask for a blood test to check your levels and see if any of these are very low. They often are and they can be easily treated to get you feeling at least 80% again!

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