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Night Sweats and ulcers

I am getting terrible night sweats, and was just wondering if anyone else gets them. I am not menopausal, that has been ruled out.

I have been told I tested positive for Ceoliacs disease, I had more bloods done over two weeks ago, and they still havent come back, not that they will tell me what they are looking for.

I read that I should not go gluten free until the endoscopy, but have changed out a few things like stopped milk as it was upsetting my tummy, and swapped out pasta for rice, which was just enough to stop the nasty ulcers.

Help please!

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Do you mean mouth ulcers. If so yes gluten does cause mouth ulcers in some coeliacs.


Yes hideous mouth ulcers, mostly on the side of my tongue :(


Hi Lizzygale, I am twice diagnosed, once confirmed so no doubt about CD.

I used to get mouth ulcers when I was in my 20's (not CD at the time) Night sweats I have been getting since second diagnosis 2007 and for me I find it is the very lower amounts of gluten that others can tolerate, ie dextrose & maltodextrin. If you have yet to be diagnosed by endoscopy you should keep to eating gluten (I was an exception) to get the best results. I consider myself "Free of Gluten" and not gluten free. Please do your best its in your interest and good luck.


Thank you for your advice, have looked up those additives, and they are in a few of my favourite drinks/foods, so will be more careful from now on.


Once you get a proper diagnosis, you will feel better. It's not so difficult when you get into the swing of it, and you will feel so much better.

Re the night sweats- a friend of mine had these, and it turned out the trouble was coming from the gall bladder. Do you eat a lot of saturated fats?

I hope you soon get sorted out.


It's the not knowing that is making me a mite stressed.

I don't eat a lot of sat fats, quite healthy really but do like a piece of cake as a treat.

My husband had his gall bladder out, he was having horrible pains after food, and I'm not, just getting wind, bloating and uncomfortable tummy after certain foods, like pasta.


Hi lizzygale - I used to get really bad nightsweats, and I even sometimes get them now (I'm in my mid-40s, and have Dermatitis Herpetiformis so avoid all gluten). Similarly with mouth ulcers. I think they stem from accidental gluten exposure (when I've eaten at a well-meaning friend's house/eaten out) because I rarely get them when I'm in total control of my food. I think (hope) once you've had your diagnosis and can finally cut out all gluten - and any other food items that may cause you problems (a slow process of trial and elimination) you will probably find that both night sweats and mouth ulcers will ease if not be completely stopped. I found that a lot of other things as well as traditional gluten sources give me problems: green tea, coffee, yeast extract, maltodextrine, xanthan gum, blue cheeses... Good luck with your journey and keep thinking about it as a steadily improving situation! :)


When I think about it, when I was with weight watchers the sweats were so less frequent, so I'm wondering now what I was eating differently now to a month ago. I was eating smaller meals, more veggies and salad, and eating less sugar/fat type treats.

Hmm think i will give WW another try, as I did lose 6 kg with them. I joined after I first started feeling unwell. And now that I haven't been for a month I feel like rubbish again and the ulcers are coming again.

Yeah blue cheese, they use wheat to get the mould/blue in the cheese.

Thank you for the advice.


Hi again lizzygale, I also find that eating sugar and drinking alcohol can cause night sweats - not sure I understand the connection, but when I limit intake of both I don't seem to get them. So perhaps your idea of eating less sugar, more fresh veggies etc may be a good idea? Good luck anyway! :)


Hi Lexy,

Thought I would go sugar free for a couple of days and eat fresh foods and see if it helps, will let you know the outcome. I'm not a drinker, maybe one glass a week, but will admit to too much cake of late.

Have put my lapse down to stress and the cold weather, and have today had a good old talk to myself.


I had mouth ulcers constantly until going gluten free. I very rarely did not have a mouth ulcer. Now... Have had 2 in 6 months. One when accidentally glutened (mouth ulcer popped up the next day) and the other non-diet related (stabbed my gum with the toothbrush!)

Night sweats... Yes occasionally. None at all since going GF.

Make sure cutting out pasta doesn't reduce the gluten in your diet too much before your endoscopy. Maybe stick with it? - it's only a few weeks and then you will have your diagnosis and the wonderful experience of cutting out gluten completely! I hope you feel as well GF as I and many others here do! Good luck.


Thanks for the advice about the pasta, I will try to eat it once a week.

I did read that you need to eat 2 slices of bread a day for 6 weeks to get a true reading at the endoscopy!


I have night sweats but my GP considers it is to do with thyroid.


My thyroid test was negative, but my mum does have thyroid issues and I am wondering if its just a matter of time before I test positive.


I have none of the symptoms mentioned, but please do not cut out pasta fromyour diet as this will effect the result. I was told by hospital not change my diet until all results were through


Thanks for the advice, I will try and eat wheat as much as possible.


Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the helpful advice.

I am going to write down everything I eat for the next 2 weeks, and see if I can see a pattern in the night sweats.

I'm going to cut down on refined sugar and saturated fat and follow a fresh food plan with meat, veggies and fruit, with small portions of pasta/bread. I will limit any processed foods and snacks.

I will eat gluten until I get the endoscopy, thank you for that advice, as I wouldn't want to go through an endoscopy for nothing and then have to eat gluten for 6 weeks and do it again.

Thank you


Make sure you eat gluten for at least one meal per day. If you have any unfinished business with favourite gluten containing foods, now is the time to have them.

For me it was crumpets, doughnuts, macaroni cheese and Pearl barley while I was waiting for endoscopy. I've tried the GF crumpets and they're just not the same. :-( Also miss chunky KitKat's - but not enough to eat them ever again!

Towards the end it did get tough eating gluten because of if it making me unwell. Overall it was well worth it though. Gave gluten up the day after endoscopy - figured I had nothing to lose.


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