Has anyone been tested for heavy metal intoxication?

As I have often said in other posts, I have many food intolerances above and beyond gluten, and my health status is still not stable. I have gone down the road of Lyme disease but it seems to be negative. I have recently seen a doctor that thinks the origins of my multitude of symptoms would be heavy metal toxicity. However to know for sure, I will have to do a chelation followed by a urine test. And eventually have my fillings removed.

Anyone else looked at this?

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  • A medical doctor told you to do this? Who and from where?

  • Yes, I had/have the same problem.

    I had a great GP in Oxfordshire who tested me for mercury, I did the chelated challenge urine test and it showed elevated levels of mercury and arsenic.

    I haven't had my fillings removed, because I want to have it done in the States where they have more experience with safe removal of amalgams, but I felt a lot better after lowering the levels in my body anyway. More energy and clearer headed.

    I think you should do the test, it will show you if there's something there or not, and you can decide what you want to do when you know either way.

  • Thanks. I have made an appointment for the end of April. Will let you know how I get on.

  • You may want to read this information about the test.


    This may be referring to American studies but the conclusion is that it's a scam.

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