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To GF or not to GF............*sigh*

Well, two weeks into my non CD/DH life and just a week before I find out which AI disease I really do have and I am still deciding whether or not to stick to the GF diet. I have been experimenting and found that my stomach really can't tolerate rich foods with gluten in them. I tried to eat a bit of banoffee pie last week and I just couldn't do it. Bread rolls, however, I am finding ok. My boyfriend wants to take me for "real" fish and chips soon and, although I am really looking forward to it, part of me is dreading how my stomach is going to react to batter. I am thinking this could well be due to inflammation I have in my stomach, rather then a gluten insensitivity.

The switch in medication has been interesting - hydroxycholoquine has been providing me with some really weird dreams, which have taken some getting used to, and I am beginning to feel a little spaced out AND I now no longer really like chocolate that much (thanks, tablets!), but I have just one more day at work before I am off for 11 days - YIPPEE! I won't have access to the internet for a while, due to moving, but I will update at some point after the results come in.

Have a fab easter and get stuck into those GF easter eggs!

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Hi Miss C

Thanks for the update and good luck with the move.

Purely a personal stance...yet why cause extra hassle for yourself? You're on new meds, moving (with is a major stressor for anyone) and you're worrying about GF food or not. Why not decide a) to carry on as you were i.e. GF as at least you know then if any odd symptoms you get are from the meds versus your stomach being surprised at the new gluten intake. b) await your results before you decide to ditch or continue with gluten. Many people with AI conditions are advised to ditch the gluten by Drs as it can confuse the immune system and be hard to digest. Yet if they say - yay eat all the gluten you can lay your hands can do so gradually and keep a food diary to pinpoint any problem foods. After all we know that going GF for Coeliacs can cause days of headaches, withdrawel symptoms, and a strong immune reaction when we wean off it..So what of what taking in gluten seems logical that doing so will take time for your body to get used to it again. I'd take it in stages. Move>Dr>then decide. However, I do have a perchant for procrastination - so don't always follow my advice!


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