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Extremely anxious!

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Hi. Just recently diagnosed with celiac disease with negative antibodies and positive biopsy and genetic panel. Mostly have headaches and tingling in my right hand,iron deficiency.Just watched couple of videos and got scared a lot. Can’t stop crying.Does anyone improved after GF diet and have good good life quality and how long did it take. I’m so scared that it won’t help me and I will die((((

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My partner feels a lot better for being on a gluten free diet. It took about a month for him to start to feel better, about 2 months in he was feeling fantastic!

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Saba82 in reply to Cooper27

Can I ask what was the symptoms?

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Cooper27 in reply to Saba82

Honestly he didn't realise he was coeliac, it came as a surprise, as he didn't tick many of the symptom boxes.

It was one of those things where he didn't realise how awful he felt, until he felt better, if that makes any sense?

So he was not paying attention to his symptoms,just feeling not ok and decided to check it out. I see. Did he had dietitian?

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Cooper27 in reply to Saba82

Well he didn't have many symptoms. He had insomnia, so the tiredness, brain fog, stiff joints etc, could be blamed on insomnia.

When he went to his GP to ask for a coeliac test, his doctor initially refused to do one, because he had no classic symptoms.

Hubby was diagnosed 3 years ago with CD and lymphatic colitis after being ill for a year. As soon as he started GF diet his health improved. No need for gloom and doom, you may miss some of your favourite foods but small price to pay.

Hi Saba82,

Sorry to hear you are upset. Your iron levels may take a bit of time to build up depending on how low they are and others have said how quickly they have or their partners have recovered.

Everyone’s different with recovery. What do you mean a good good quality of life ? You mean work, socialise, look after family and home ? Well I know a couple of body builders with coeliac disease and also there are professional athletes with it. It is their job to engage in intense physical exercise approximately 8 hours a day. So, famous athletes with coeliac disease are : -

Brooke Stratton - Australian track and field athlete.

Kaapo Kakko - Finnish ice hockey player (has type 1 diabetes and coeliac disease).

Alyssa Kynn Baumann - US artistic gymnast.

Amy Yoder Begley - an Olympian US middle distance runner - 3 years after diagnosis she broke her personal record and a track record.

Dennis Hallman - US Mixed Martial Arts artist.

Novak Djokovic - Tennis star who has so many titles is gluten intolerant.

so, is Justin Bieber. He has to tour, travel and work long physical hours doing dance routines.


Alyssa Lyn Baumann - gymnast
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Saba82 in reply to Narwhal10

Hi. Thank you. I mean everyday I have headaches I feel like I’m tired ,hand tingling. I woke up everyday with the fear that I will have worse symptoms. I haven’t had those before. Maybe I’m more sensitive now. I’m trying to be GF for whole month. I believe I’m doing something wrong. Will see what dietitian says tomorrow.

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Narwhal10 in reply to Saba82

Hi Saba82, Are you taking vitamin c with your iron. Had your vitamin b12, vitamin D, folate and calcium checked . Are you taking your antidepressants .

MorganSpice hit the nail on the head. I believe (maybe wrong) but they are newly diagnosed too. They found some YouTube recipes so being proactive not reactive. What can I do to help myself attitude.

If you broke your leg (you can’t walk, run, drive). Six weeks in plaster then you have Physiotherapy. Your body needs time to heal. Be patient with it and be kind to yourself.


I concur. Since going gluten free I've being doing high bar mid air splits with no issue. Have never looked back


🤣 you’ve got to be careful not to have wardrobe malfunction though.


I think anxiety seems to be over-riding your processing of the situation, and that will not help anything. It's a change of diet, a new lifestyle, and luckily a condition that can be 'cured' with dietary change rather than a terminal illness. Untreated and/or undiagnosed coeliac poses a danger with the risks of side-complications, but many live out long lives never being diagnosed or realising their odd health symptoms are down to gluten. I'm a few months into this process and see health benefits and have not died yet, so I think you need to take a few steps back and look at the bigger picture. It's very very important to do your own research rather than react to the fear of the unknown. Lots out there. Coeliac I believe is a long way off from being taken seriously by the medical profession in terms of diagnosis and extent of dietary change/healing required, but the upside is it is a situation you are fully in control and in charge of that requires no medication, invasive treatment (one the biopsy is done) and cures very well if you follow the dietary change successfully.

Hi Saba82.

Are you able to return to your general physician and explain your anxiety? Maybe they can offer reassurance?

It’s normal to be anxious right now. But you can get well. It can take days weeks or months for some symptoms to completely heal.

You need to acknowledge where you are in your health, new diet and your anxiety will ease as you stick to gluten free and know that you’ve been given a path back to health. You have access to a wealth of info and knowledge online on eating a healthy gluten free diet. Focus your attention on getting well and eating healthy naturally gluten free foods.


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Saba82 in reply to Researchfan

Thank you:)

Hi. Had an appointment today with private GP doctor in London. She said biopsy is the main standard diagnose for celiac. She said pathologist would have been checked for all other possibilities (diseases) that cause villi damage,and if they said celiac it is celiac. She thinks that my symptoms is because of they way I’m taking my antidepressant,like on and off and that I can’t do that. I need to continue to take Lexapro. I do think that’s my tiredness related to medications. All supplements and anti depressants it’s kind of too much. Now I have upset stomach and light pain on the right side of my stomach. I also start taking Prevacid. Does anyone else taking Prevacid with celiac disease?

Hi, So sorry to hear you feel this way. As long as you are careful in choosing your food you should be fine. If you like cooking I find it is the best way of dealing with it at 1st. Ceoliac groups are good too if you can find one in your area. Also ceoliace UK is good. You can get the app on your phone.

It is very nerve racking at 1st buy you will be fine.

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