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Can Coeliac's give blood?

Might be a very silly question, but I thought I had read once that you can't? I have a feeling it might not be true!

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Hi Coeliac_Copper, According to CUK it is not advisable to give blood if you are a diagnosed coeliac ...... - scroll down to History of Coeliac UK.

Little added note:

*It might well not be the fact that you may pass it on to others but that you may well be putting yourself at further risk of ill health as your body is really under constant pressure in maintaining good levels of essential minerals, vitamins and micro nutrients including amino acids to function well.


Coeliac_Copper, I also meant to add that the US do accept coeliac donors and this is why it might well be a health issue to the participant donor - check here:

It you are really desperate to be a blood donor I would re-check with your doctor whether you are suitable and have all of the blood tests done to make sure that you do not have any health issues owing to having low measurements in any of your essential nutrients.

Hope that is of help to you.


Yep, when I spoke to my local blood donor unit some time ago they would not take my blood not because of the blood, but as you mention the concerns over losing an armful and it's (dubious) impact on my health.


I am a registered blood donor and a coeliac. I am also booked in to donate blood at the beginning of April.

Coeliac can not give blood if they have had an endoscopy/colonoscopy in the last 4 months and a gluten free diet does not exclude us from giving blood.

So if you are still interested in becoming a blood donor then just ring this number and they will register you and make an appointment. 0300 123 23 23.

I think that it's very important for people to be blood donors for obvious reasons, so good for you Coeliac Copper.


Maybe it wasn't the coeliac issues - I do have gout, hypertension and hypertriglyceridemia and when I filled the forms in they politely declined.


I was diagnosed when trying to give blood, so I was keen to be a blood donor again and my specialist said that I could because my iron and mineral levels were all good.

The blood donor service take a blood test to make sure that you are not anaemic and if you check with your specialist or GP to ascertain your iron and mineral levels, then ask their advice and take it from there. I needn't expand on Lynx cats good advice on why some coeliac shouldn't be blood donors.

I think that it's great that you want to be a blood donor and think that it's a very good sign that you feel up to it.

Now a word of warning they give you a cup of tea and a biscuit avoid the biscuit! and please let us know how you get on.


Just like Jerry I was also diagnosed after trying to give blood and found to have low iron. I have continued since being diagnosed until my last check up when i had low iron. Apparently my iron stores were also low and my consultant recommended I have a rest from blood doning while I went on a 3 month course of iron tablets to try and get everything back to normal.

I intend to go back and I think it's a good way to check my iron levels are being maintained. A word of warning, they won't take your blood within 12 weeks of an endoscopy and also if you are on any iron tablets that have been prescribed by a doctor.

Only a small fraction of the population give blood but it is such a simple thing to do and we could all be potential benefactors one day so I urge everyone to give it a try.


''Only a small fraction of the population give blood but it is such a simple thing to do and we could all be potential benefactors one day so I urge everyone to give it a try.''

Well said Roland,


I have just giving my 25th pint of blood! Being coeliac is not a problem as long as your iron levels are ok. They check it before every donation! It's a great thing to do :)


Thanks for the replies :) I'll have to get them to check my iron levels then! Do they check that on the day or do you have to have that checked in advanced?


thanks about the colonoscopy I had one last month. Will need to cancel next week' session!


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