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Need to lose weight


Hi I have put on a good bit of weight recently, my G/F (gluten free) diet as gone a bit haywire during lockdown (no excuse), I need to get back to G/F eating but finding it harder than when I first went G/F in 2016. I have been eating regular bread but can't stand the G/F stuff. Does anyone know a site that is a G/F slimming site please.

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I’ve found that the best way to lose weight was to cut down on the processed carbohydrates and try to eliminate the sugar. Many ready-made gf products are full of sugar, so best avoided as much as possible. Cooking from scratch is the best way to go if you can manage it.

There is no gf slimming site that I’m aware of, but you could try the Low Carb site on HU. It can work well for anyone who has to eat gluten free.

What is HU please

HU is Health Unlocked, the name of this site.

Thank you, I will check it out, sorry I am rubbish with abbreviations.

No worries. Good luck with the weight loss.

PixieElv in reply to Penel

Hi PenelTry the Genius brand of bread and cakes. Sold in ask supermarkets and it’s really nice. They do a 5 seed bloomer that is most scrumptious

Good luck!

I agree with Penel - firstly that sugar and processed carbs are the big danger, and also that Low Carb eating is perfect for combining GF with losing weight. Have a look at the LCHF section on here and see what you think.

What is LCHF please

I am sorry I am pretty poor at abbreviations.

Low(er) carb high(er) fat - but the section is called LCHF so if you search for that you should find it

Thank you I will have a look

Hi stillaboveground.

The website and diet doctor on YouTube might be helpful for low carbohydrate high fat meal plans and recipes (free info if you search menu) (naturally gluten free usually). The low carb community is huge and there’s loads of YouTube videos from around the world mainly the USA, AUSTRALIA and UK. I like dr westman ‘adapt your life’ videos (an original low carb clinical dr and researcher.) A real food low carb way of eating is great for health and weight loss. The keto diet is a very very low carb way of eating (less than 20g carbs a day) that’s anti-inflammatory. Everyone’s different though and we all have a carb threshold of what we can tolerate. Generally low carb is less than 50grams to 150grams a day total.

The public health collaboration (PHC), members are GP doctors, is fantastic in the UK too,

Loads of free info and ‘real food booklets’ for weight loss.


Thank you Researchfan, I will look into it all, I didn't do too bad on a G/F (gluten free) diet before the lockdown kicked in, I never believed that if you ate a particular food (bread in my case) you would crave that food, I do believe this now. It's going to be down to discipline I think. Take care and keep safe.

Do you have coeliac or just gluten intolerance? If it's the former, I wouldn't worry about the weight but more so about the damage from the gluten. If the latter, then it's not a case of the gluten causing the weight, but the excess calories. A good way to lose weight (perhaps?) is to just cut out/down the carbs, and eliminate bread and processed carbs for a while. Some people swear by the paleo diet, so you'r not depriving yourself of fat and flavours, but removing the quick fix sugar spike carbohydrates.

Hi Benjamin123, Thank you for your reply, I am coeliac but rather than a gut thing it comes out more in a skin problem it being DH (Dermatitis Herpetiformis) my son is also coeliac. I have been on a G/F (Gluten Free) diet since 2016 unfortunately during the lockdown I took to eating non G/F bread along with other stuff, I am afraid I have now become addicted to this and am finding it much harder to get back to a G/F diet than I did when I first started it (hence the weight increase) like you say it's the excess calories, I now have returning skin problems also. I know what the answer is, but I must discipline myself to get on with it, I need a kick up the rear. I have received lots of good advice and support from the lovely people on this site. Take care and keep safe. Ruth

No worries Ruth. Sending you are virtual kick up the rear



It is possible. So much is about your relationship with food.

In terms of Gf bread, I do like Tesco gf seeded bread, but generally prefer bread toasted.

I cook everything else from scratch to be able to know what goes in it. I make loads of soups and find them filling for lunches.

Wishing you well and do believe in yourself, but remain committed, it isn’t about depriving yourself as you will only crave, it is about eating in moderation and always look for a variety of bright colours in your food (natural colours, not artificial😉👍🏻).(I managed to shed 5 and a half stone and have held it off for 3 years now)

Wow you did very well to lose so much. I cook my food from scratch also but have slipped back to eating addictive foods in the lockdown, I know I have to discipline myself to get back to eating healthy. Many thanks for your reply. Stay safe. Ruth

Sounds like you have the right plan. No one has to be perfect. My biggest advice is speak to yourself as gently as you would to others who need support. If you mess up (we are human after all!) then look on it not as a mistake or thrash yourself over it, instead look at every whoops moment as a learn. Learn from it and move on. Guilt is way too destructive 👍🏻 x

There is a slimming world gluten free site on Facebook.

Thank you for the information, I will look into that. Keep safe. Ruth

You’re welcome, and you tooCaroline

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