Crepe dry like skin

Does anyone else have this.. I was diag CD 2 an half yrs ago, but about 12 months ago my skin has gone crepe like if you know what I mean. It seemed to to change very suddenly..also the my neck skin has changed at the same time, if I pull my chin up like when your shaving it has tight vertical crepe like lines, when chin is down it looks even worse.. Dr diss it's old age I'm 44 and spend all the time looking at people's necks my age or older .. Yet to see anyone else really...anybody familiar with this?

I've tried moisturiser , e45.. Baby oil.. Using sweet almon at mo

Thanks for any replies


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  • Hi Ian67, The skin is an organ, the largest organ that your body contains, and so is affected by what you eat. There have been many books and articles over the years written about increasing various oils into the diet then there have been an equal amount advising to drastically reduce them.

    Firstly, I would say as the skin is responsible for the synthesis of vitamin D, people with coeliac disease need to look after it. Skin is improved with natural foods that contain Omega-3 such as fish; flax (linseed) seeds (if you want to add flax seed oil into the diet look for cold pressed varieties); sunflower seeds; sesame seeds; pumpkin seeds; walnuts; pecans; Brazil nuts; spirulina; lamb; pork; unrefined canola oil; avocados; cod liver oil, dark leafy greens.

    Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin E and Evening Primrose Oil help to improve the appearance of the skin. Calcium helps to reduce any histamine levels and so often eases irritation. Many people advocate foods containing zinc and a good multivitamin and mineral containing zinc. It is best to rest off any citrus fruits for a couple of months as these sometimes may cause problems with the skin.

    Try and include acidophilus into the diet if possible.

    Topical applications: I have always found glycerin and rosewater (available from most pharmacies and inexpensive) applied before washing the face and neck and any other dry areas helps enormously. If used daily both the appearance and texture of skin improves quite quickly and dramatically. I have cured cracked heels using this.

    (I have had a friend consult a skin specialist with dry skin. She didn't have coeliac disease but was advised the following: to use sunflower oil rubbed lightly onto the skin then to splash in tepid water and pat dry and take brewer's yeast tablets. Coeliacs may have problems with brewer's yeast and the nearest thing to this is Vitamin B complex tablets)

  • Thankyou

  • Thankyou

  • My skin, hair, nails improved when I gave up on the low fat diet. I know this is contrary to accepted advice but having looked at a lot of science papers I decided I'd give it a go. Vit D is a fat soluble vitamin. I haven't put on any weight and my blood pressure is healthy low. I also use Green People creams, they do trial sizes And what cheek of your GP to say that 44 is old!

  • Thanks

    Ha I know. As if I wasn't already depressed enough

  • Hi Penel, It's interesting that you have moved away from a low fat diet. I have never eaten low fat for several reasons - I do not enjoy anything that is low fat and all vitamins that are fat soluble require fat for your body to absorb them. I have found that as long as transfats, hydrogenated fats and sugar are given the boot then it becomes much easier to control weight gain. My blood pressure is also healthy and low too.

  • Have you had your thyroid checked? Skin problems are associated with underactive thyroid.

  • Prob at some point, I've had that many blood test I've lost track of what I've had done...

  • Perhaps you could discuss your concerrns with your physician and request the test be done again to rule out the problem. I have the test done every 4 months to allow my doctors to track my thyroid. Even on medication it varies. Something to consider. My skin goes very crepe like when my thyroid is low. I'm not suggesting this is your problem, but it might lead your doctor to a solution.

  • It's not dry as in white flaky dry.. But has a funny look to it, not smooth, as if it's lost something. I'm terrible at describing it..

  • yes, mine too ... sometimes it looks like alligator skin.

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