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Lactose free yoghurt?


Another seemingly stupid post by me, sorry for that. I just wonder if you see any reason why lactose free yoghurt (no cream) might irritate intestines and cause someone to have frequent successive bowel movements the next day(as was the case with me as i’ve mentioned with my previous stupid post concerning watermelon)

And in this context, do you know if bowel cancer (that’s what i’m sure to have at this stage) might cause food intolerances. I’ve read that people develop this intolerances as a result of their treatment but not the other way around.

Thanks so much in advance. (Yeah i’m on a waiting list for the relevant procedures for a diagnosis as the doctor can’t make much of the current symptoms present)

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I haven’t paid particular attention to soy up until now. It is in this gluten free bread (rice and soy flour) that i eat sometimes few days in a row if i couldn’t make my homemade bread. I’ll absolutely cut it out and see. Thanks so much

Penel in reply to Aghu

The additives in ready made gluten free bread, emulsifiers, cellulose, gums, can also cause problems.

The problem may not be with the lactose (which should have been removed be the lactobacteria) but with the protein in the soluble whey protein, which is still in the yogurt and can cause the symptoms you describe. See

You could therefore have a more general allergy to dairy products. If you still want to use fermented milk products, you could try eating hard cheese, where most of the whey is removed when the raw milk is separated into the curds and whey during the cheese-making process. If this doesn't work, you may need to go dairy free.

Best wishes and good luck

After that first attempt, i kept eating it instead of giving it up, and i still do (every day, loving it so much) without even any slightly bad consequence.

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