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Does any gluten-sensitive someone among you have any trouble with watermelon?

I was doing fine for a while and tried some watermelon (a couple of spoonful only) (everything in the diet staying the same), and , not an instant reaction but, the next morning i had loose stolls twice following a normal bowel movement in the morning, and it’s passed(i hope!) Can i draw the conclusion that it’s one of these fodmaps that’s bad for me? (Not all fodmaps are bad for me, avo is fine for instance)

Thanks so much for your help in advance.

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Bad luck on getting a reaction to such a small amount of watermelon.

I would guess that it’s an individual problem with that particular Fodmap. Are you ok with tomatoes and other red fruits?

Aghu in reply to Penel

Lycopene is ok because tomato is ok.

Might it be the eggs i was recently eating excessively such as 3 in the morning, 4 at night. It was fine for days but might it have reached a point where it eventually had a bad effect. It didn’t last long btw. Still doesn’t make much sense to me but i was just thinking out loud.

Thanks so much for the answer.

Watermelon continues quite a few FODMAPS as far as I remember. I definitely avoid it. It might be worth exploring that? Good luck!

Another change i’ve done that coincides with this reaction is that i’ve changed my method of bread making. Which is the first suspect now for me as my bad condition continued the next day as all these gurgling/bubbling and loose stools following every meal (today) Altough i was thinking that it must have passed yesterday. I kept eating the bread.

I’ll just write my bread making method, in case someone might know something about this.

Rice washed, left on a teatowel outside for a while to dry. Then into a blender where it turns into flour. The part after that is irrelavent. My suspicions are, first, i left this flour in a container for a day or so before i made the bread. And it must have been still a bit moist(because it sticks a bit on to the surface of the blender bottle and i brush it so that i can collect it)perhaps because of the water that’s got into the rice. And when it’s left in the container perhaps mold might have grown on it or bacteria etc.?

I had cooked with the flour i’ve made this wayonce before, and there was nothing wrong with it.

Second suspicion, it might have been undercooked, but i can’t notice that. And undercooked rice can cause digestive issues for me. But this doesn’t seem much likely to me.

What do you think about my first suspicion?thanks for reading my drivel

Penel in reply to Aghu

You’re may well be right about the rice being a problem. Bacteria could have grown in the conditions you describe.


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