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I Can See Clearly Now!


I just want to tell everyone what I just realized this morning! I decided off and on to cut down on gluten but mainly to lose weight which always helped me but it was about 80/20. But for the past 3 weeks I cut gluten and dairy except organic whole fat yogurt and grass fed butter once in awhile. I was on the Keto diet- basically just meat, fish, chicken, nuts, lots of veggies and occasionally fruit. Hard at first but I liked the way I feel on it.

Last night I went over to a friend’s house and she served this homemade barley salad and French bread and Brie. Not wanting to be rude, I had about a cup of the salad and two pieces of bread/brie. OMG!!

I woke up this morning with a huge splitting headache! I NEVER get headaches- now I know how others feel-

My eyes are itchy, my sinuses inflamed and congested and nonstop diarrhea and cramps for the past three hours! Not only that but I think I am having a panic attack - I’ve had one before but this makes no sense - there is nothing to panic about! I Hate this feeling!

I have been researching all morning inbetween visits to the bathroom and I am Definitely allergic to wheat/gluten! Question- does this run in the family? My oldest daughter who is a hard worker is always exhausted - she is 25- can’t lose weight, always freezing cold no matter the temp and now has to tingling in her arm every once in awhile. I researched that and it said that is another symptom of gluten intolerance!

Another question- my youngest daughter- 20, always has her throat and glands swell up after eating cashews and hummus. Is that related as well?

I do not eat lectins because my body rejects it.

I’m beginning to think we are all suffering because of this. We workout, look healthy and play in sports but I’m beginning to think my daughters need to do a complete change of diet!

Also is there anyway I can detox my body quickly today? I feel miserable! 😢

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Does a nut allergy run in the family? Have you all been to the doctor to be tested for certain allergies/intolerances to certain foods?

It's worth your daughter getting tested for coeliac disease before cutting out gluten.

I heard a doctor explain the other week - an allergy will usually reveal itself immediately, while an intolerance may come out a few hours later. If your symptoms happened the next morning, it's more likely an intolerance.

Feeling the cold can be symptom of vitamin B deficiency. Problems with cashew and hummus are unlikely to be related to problems with gluten, unless it has been added to the products.

If you need to avoid gluten, there is no quick way to detox. Drink a lot of water, or have something like ginger or peppermint tea. It may be that you should talk to your doctor about your problem with gluten.

bit late i know, but if it happens again i find the best detox is drink plenty of water, take paracetamol, and keep gently occupied - laptop, phone calls, read a book, but don't lie down that makes it worse for me

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