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Which bread maker setting?


Have been sticking to my diet, doing well and feeling well..

I received a cookery book this morning that was recommended. I'm going to have a go at some bread but my bread maker doesn't have a gluten free setting so what setting would I use to mix the bread and would I prove and cook it in the bread maker or take it out once mixed?

Thanks in advance


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Hi roobiedoobie, as long as you`ve got Gf ingredients in the bread maker all you need to do is set the bread maker to do whatever loaf you want. You`ll learn by trial and error. I use basic white on my Morphy Richards even though I mix white and fibre GF flour.

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Hi there roobirdoobie, what you need to do if you bread maker doesn't have a gf setting is use the quick setting, this is because 'normal' bread is knocked back to remove the air bubbles and rises a 2nd time and gf bread does not rise a 2nd time, hence the gf setting or using the quick setting.

One advantage of making your own bread is the smell when it's baking is great so good luck.

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Thank you both xxx


I have just used Glutafin Bread mix in my Panasonic Bread Maker, the programme I use is basic Med Loaf rapid bake (1 hr.55mins), I found useful to put the water and oil in first followed by flour, yeast ,salt , dried milk then sugar

it didn't need to stirred part way through and had a fabulous loaf at the end.


In my experience my Panasonic breadmaker makes beautiful "normal" bread, which I enjoyed for many years before discovering I shouldn't :-(

However its attempt at GF bread, even on a special GF setting, turns out pallid and unappealing. The secret is to take the supposedly finished loaf, brush it all over with beaten egg and crisp it up in a hot oven for a few minutes until it resembles something you'd actually fancy eating. I promise you, it turns it from an ordeal to a pleasure!


I recently got a panasonic bread maker and gluten free bread maker book, i have tried both the normal (which the book suggests) and the gluten free setting. Conversely i prefer the gluten free one. Might mention that the book also suggests mixing the prescription mixes with one that they suggest themselves in the book. I have tried a couple of the g/f flours and her mix is better. But we did try a "brilliant" g/f bread mix in a superstore and my non g/f partner really likes it, whilst i prefer her recipie made with rice flour though my partner doent like how "yeasty" it is


hi i have played making bread my best efforts have been mixed in bread maker then cooked in oven this way i can have baps (buns) big enough for but still make totaly in bread maker for lazyness.just play and you will get there.


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