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A recent blood test reported “ you have igG antigliadin antibody that is a marker of gluten sensitivity.”

Any ideas what it means?

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You need to read this in conjunction with any other results from the blood test if you were being tested for Coeliac disease. On its own it’s just telling you that you body is sensitive to gluten, which needs to be considered in relation to any health problems you may be having. You need to ask for an explanation from your doctor.


I've been on a gluten free diet for 5 months because the neurologist said it might help my essential tremor. It hasn't. No other symptoms. What other tests would show gluten sensitivity ?


Hi, the standard test for gluten sensitivity is an elimination diet, which you have done. If cutting out gluten has had no effect, it would suggest that you are not sensitive to gluten.

I guess you will have had your B12 levels measured?

This info is from Coeliac UK.

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