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Gluten Free Recipes

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Hi folks... I would just like to point you in the direction of a website I have come across that seems to be really good for myself due to being Coeliac as has loads of Gluten free recipes.

It is only myself in my family who is Coeliac but the past 2 nights we have made the following recipes which my wife and 2 kids loved as well.

The website is the below link;

Last night I made the below recipe off it for a chicken casserole and this was soooo tasty and my 11 year old son who hates vegetables loved it 2 and also ate all the cauliflower that was on his plate which was a massive success;

Hope this is of help to anyone who wasn't already aware of the website

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Thank you. The recipes look good with not too many ingredients and cater for many intolerances.

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aidyfrew in reply to chlorophyle

No problem just thought would share for ppl who wernt aware of it 😀

Perhaps eat these recipes with some non-gluten carbs? Low carb eating doesn’t suit everyone.

Tonight I have did all the prep for the beef goulash recipe and put in the slow cooker pot and into the fridge ready to turn on tomorrow morning.

Fingers crossed this also turns out as nice as the chicken Casserole as that was delicious 👌

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