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Airborne Gluten sensitivity


Does anyone else have issues when either handling gluten or smelling gluten?

I became gluten intolerant about 6 months ago. My only symptom is vomiting when I get exposed to gluten. When I have mistakenly ingested gluten I can feel a very hot burning sensation in my stomach that always makes its way out by vomiting and then I feel fine. The last few weeks it is happening when I try to make other people food with gluten or even when I walk near a bakery or while eating with people who are eating gluten. I feel like I want to walk around with a mask. I've started to wear one when cooking for others and it helps. My family thinks it is in my head. aggggggg

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Hi Murphyism

No, it's not in your head.

This is one discussion from a few years ago.

Any chance you can just stick to cooking only naturally gluten free foods?

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Thanks Penel,

Yes that may be the direction I will have to go.

Well that gets rid of Coeliac UK’s theory that gluten has to be ingested to cause problems. Another theory that should be addressed is the term “ gluten free” it means that it “ may contain up to 20 PPM of gluten”. So if your affected by airborne gluten I would suggest that you go by knowing what ingredients are not by the term “ gluten free”. Some drugs even contain wheat but by other names. It’s a minefield for some out there and it will never change.

I certainly do. From deodorants sprayed in rooms by other people to animal feeds.

I get allergic reactions to deodorants, air fresheners, which is to do with a formaldehyde allergy and now find I get Anaphylaxis to Cellulose products. A judge and orthopaedic surgeon say it is only temporary....idiots!

Try not to eat any processed foods - this helps me a lot. I have lots of allergies and sinus issues.

My son (who has coeliac disease) has to wear a mask when feeding the animals on his farm as breathing it in making him ill.


me too. I can manage half an hour in supermarket, have a complelety gluten free house, and can't work as everyone eats all the time. Even library books make me ill and I promise I never lick them. Doing a part time degree at uni and have to keep asking people to not eat in classes. I do find glutenzyme capsules help. With them I can manage a two hour visit to my friends' houses (I dont eat), without I have to leave in half an hour.

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Wow that feels like where I am at. I absolutely dread having to discuss my issue when I'm out or telling my family what they can't eat at home. Are you gluten intolerant or do you have coeliac? How long have you been like this?

I've only become gluten intolerant about a year ago and the extreme sensitivity only started about a month ago. Over the past 4 years I have done many diet cleansing and changed my diet to mainly fruit and veggies and wonder if this launched my gluten sensitivities. By any chance is your story similar?

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I don't know if I have coeliac disease (though it is in my family). When I first did an exclusion diet I felt so much better within two weeks that I have never intentionally eaten any gluten since, and by the time I went to the GP (my step daughter who is a gp told me I must) it was too late for the tests to work. That was about ten years ago.

I got so ill I had to give up work (joints, migraines, hormones, chest infections, skin, guts etc) and it took a while to self diagnose. Looking back I can see I always had problems but it wasnt until I was in my forties that it got unmanageable.

I heard a gastroenerologist say once that you have the equivalent of a large group of young soldiers waiting to attack gluten hanging around, now they have nothing to do, so as soon as a tiny speck turns up they all leap on it (it is easy to imagine 18year old soldiers enjoying the brawl).

Do try the glutenzymes, They have been transformational.

I know it is tricky socially, my mother in law stopped inviting her son for meals because I wouldnt eat food (I said I'd bring my own). Even people I've known for years and who are intelligent find it very difficult to cope with the 'I cant eat your food but do carry on'. It is very difficult.

Yes your hands can take in toxins and emit toxins (eg TB) via the skin. Your breathing apparatus is a great entry and exit system as well.

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