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Gluten Free food ingredients.

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“Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose” this is an opthalmic solution that has replaced gluten in many gluten free products. This ingredient is also a formaldehyde releaser which means that over a period it releases formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is recognised by the Whorld Health Organisation as a carcinogen. This is a reason that many wheat derivatives are no longer used in baking, you cannot bake without gluten. Formaldehyde releasers can also be found in many other products from cosmetics to building materials, so what might happen to you the more you consume or come into contact with? As I understand it the European Food Safety Authority last tested “ Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose in 1994 & 1997 prior to its use in gf foods.

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That can't be good :(

Thanks for the heads up - will look at ingredients lists more closely and avoid.

It now seems to be in many gluten free bread products. I don't feel so well if I eat these breads. Is it really necessary ?

Biona bread does not have it but is very expensive, I now just make pancakes using a mixture of flours, and occasionally treat myself to Biona millet or rice bread. ........

I suppose , as usual this will only change if it affects the firms economically !. I am going to write and say why I no longer buy those breads.

This sounds scary! Not heard this before , I’m very wary of Labelled GF foods most are not very tasty and over priced too . Knowing this and also being aware of foods not containing gluten can be contaminated if made in factory where gluten containing products are made, what the hell can we safety eat. Think I’m sticking to fresh meat fish & fruit & veg . If it isn’t natural it ent coming in . Thanks for information . 😮

Oh. Just discovered my favourite GF bread contains it. That's unfortunate.

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