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Hi everyone I'm new and tired diagnosed with coeliacs about two years ago and Graves about 8 months ago any ideas about preparing food for yourself and gluten food for your family I keep glutening myself

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Hi tiredmum, many of us have had to go through what you are and in my opinion the secret is to have a system that your family are also happy to live with. And what you have to do is a risk assessment where you examine your kitchen when you're not tired or hungry and look at all the places where gluten can be hiding.

I was a single dad when diagnosed and my son was a young teenager and we had our own preparation areas and food cupboards and I came home from work one day and he told me that he had sorted out the food cupboards! his cupboard had the sticky toffee puddings my cupboard was empty and the food he didn't like was in the bin...

Many coeliac have their own toaster for obvious reasons + utensils and here's a link that may help to guide you:

I have to say that I agree with all her advice and always saw breadcrumbs as my enemy, it could also be a good idea to try and make as many gluten free dishes for the whole family to reduce time and stress and this is easier when preparing meals from scratch. Roasts can easily be kept gf and so is a cottage pie as can a salad so there are lots of possibilities.

So good luck and be mindful when preparing food and don't beat yourself up when you do make a mistake.

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Hi Jerry thanks for your reply I have took your advice scrubbed the kitchen spotless and have made mini frittatas, a weeks worth of stir frys and some pancakes I think I'll sleep for a week now lol

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