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Gluten Free Bread

Does anyone have a tried and tested recipe for gluten free bread made in a bread maker? I have tried a few different ones but they are not very nice :(


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I have a Panasonic bread maker. I used glutafin fibre breadmix and added loads of extras, seeds and dried fruit. I always got good results. I used to slice into portions and freeze. But have gotten lazy in recent years as quality of shop bought much improved.


Had a look at the post from Spider, (Bread machine), about 5 days ago.


The recipe on the Juvela website is a good one to follow

My bride turns out great with that one


When I first became aware of being gluten intolerant, I bought a bread maker and started using a wide variety of gluten free bread mixes with a wide variety of results (most not being good). Have now started using Glutafin select white bread mix and make by hand. Really easy and hardly takes any time and my personal thoughts that this is the best one I have had in the past 3 years.


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