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I have stopped having milk as I seem to be allergic to this.

I have been trying coconut milk but find that I am full of flatulence.

What is your advice?


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Hi Kathleen

An allergy to cow's milk can be quite serious, so it might be a good idea to check this out with a doctor.

If you are Coeliac, it is not uncommon to be dairy intolerant or sometimes just lactose intolerant. You could perhaps try lactose free milk to see if you can tolerate it. There are other plant based milks available, so you could just try them, if you feel that you need a milk substitute.

Some people find that they can tolerate dairy again after having a break for a few months.


Yes Penel I am coeliac, and when I saw the gastroenterologist last time he said OK about milk allergy but not worth the expense of testing. Yes I have been having lactose free milk and butter and cheese for the last year.

Yes I have tried all the other plant based milks with limited success.

The question I asked was does anyone know of allergy symptoms with coconut because I am suspecting this is causing flatulence.


I can't stomach much dairy or any of the plant based milks, so have adjusted my diet over the years.

Having looked on google, there seem to be several possible reasons for coconut milk causing flatulence.


That is just the information that I was looking for Penel.

Thank you very much!

So its off the cocoanut milk before bed time.

I think I will have to resort to a snifter of port or brandy!

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I have just done an allergy test which has shown a problem with cows milk and cheese from cows milk also hens egg yolks. I have switched for now to goats milk/cheese as it is easier to digest. I am Coeliac so I am not sure if this will be a permanent issue for me or whether it will be ok again. I have already noticed a big positive. Normally when I get bitten I get a very bad reaction and the bites go red and itch like crazy. After 8 weeks on goats milk when I got bitten last week the bites stayed small with only a little itching and they have healed quicker. My allergist lady says it's due to me lowering the histamine levels in my body

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hi kathleen, try almond milk.


Yes Matthew, Been there done that and tried rice milk and now coconut milk.

I cannot have soya milk.

I just wanted to know if anyone had problems with coconut.


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