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Good news

I saw my neurologist yesterday as it is thought that I have coeliac ataxia. I was diagnosed with coeliac disease last December it is the silent type. I had blood tested in March and the result is 0 so I am very pleased. My balance does feel like it is starting to improve but is is all the other health improvements that I have noticed in this short time that fascinated him. So much so he is going to talk about me in his lectures. I have also had to stop eating gluten free oats and corn as I noticed they were also causing me problems.

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Jill that is good news and I am so impressed (and envious!) your consultant is taking an interest in you and taking you seriously. That is encouraging that some medics are prepared to look outside the box. Are you going to listen to the lecture? This is going to be helpful to other people and medics will learn from your experience which is so good.

BTW I can't eat GF oats or corn either.


If my consultant invited me to yes. I told him I was very happy to help in any way that I can. Everytime I have met a health professional since diagnosis I have banged on about the damage gluten can do.


Reading your other posts I see you say your thyroid - B12 -VitD results were all fine. Do you have the results with ranges ? Fine usually means * in range* but where you are in the range is so important.

I too have suffered ataxia and realised it could have been B12 - so now have weekly injections. Also were your thyroid anti -bodies tested to rule out Hashimotos ? - anither cause of ataxia.

B12 deficiency can become a neurological condition with results under 500 - as it is involved in the maintenance of the myelin sheath that protects the nerves.

I am not a medic just a Hashimotos gal with a B12 issue 😊


I had my thyroid panel tested privately. I did post the results. Nobody mentioned that they maybe awry. I have been too busy with my daughter being in hospital these past 5 week to look into it further. I am laid up at present with cellulitis! First day I haven't had my grandsons for ages! My other daughter has issues with B12 I gave her my results at the time and she said they were fine. She buys B12 to inject from Germany because she can't get injections done frequently enough on NHS. Thanks for your interest.


Sorry to read you are having a difficult time. I found your thyroid results on another post. If it was a fasting test done early in the morning then I would say your thyroid is not producing T4 efficiently. B12 in the upper part of the range is good .

Hope all goes well for you and your family.


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