Just wondered whether anyone has tried LGlutamine for leaky gut

Hi Just listening to a podcast and a specialist on gluten free issues and they are suggesting taking Lglutamine as a supplement as well as giving up all grains ( don't look forward to this aspect).

It is available on Amazon at a reasonable price but there are different ones and no instructions on how much to take.

thanks for any help in advance

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  • Hi tomoxon, there was a really interesting and informative blog on L Glutamine on here a couple of years ago, please see:


  • Thank you Jerry, you are always so helpful. I should have thought to search before posting.

    Anyway I think after looking at the information on the links that if i do decide to try it, a visit to the GP may be in order to check its not going to cause any issues for me.

  • Hi there, I think that if anyone has a question then they should ask it regardless of whether it's been asked before, for many reasons.

    And I agree that it would be a good idea to check out what your GP says.

  • Perhaps a good idea to look at probiotics too?

  • Hi Pennel thank you, can you suggest any good ones please

  • If possible I would go for naturally fermented foods, rather than a supplement. It's a question of finding what your body can cope with. I am ok with live yoghurt but can't cope with the fermented vegetables I have tried so far. I should probably try to make my own.

    This article may give you some ideas.


    An alternative is bone broth, which I make in a slow cooker and freeze.

    This article from Paleomom explains it well.


  • Thank you Penel, I have heard of the bone broth before, doesn't sound very appetizing but if it works is worth a try

  • I tend to use the bone broth as a base for soup, so I add something tasty to it. I'm not too keen on it on its own! Hope you can find something that works for you.

    There have been a few discussions on probiotics on here.


  • I have taken L-Glutamine purely as an amino acid for muscle function. For the gut you have to take quite a high dose 1-6 caps daily (mine are 500mg by Quest). Do they work for "leaky gut"? Well I still see tomato skins and nuts in my faeces!!!!! (Yeah, gross but sometimes I have to do stool samples!)

  • Hi Jacks thank you for your reply, not sure what you mean, would you see tomato skins etc if you had a leaky gut or if you didnt. Sorry to elaborate on the subject but at the moment i am just guessing this is why i still have DH etc as its now been 3 years since GF diet and 3 months since giving up dairy. This last week i have just resigned myself to taking the Dapsone rather than being miserable with it as i don't need to medicate every day and haven't had the headaches which is my other symptom

  • Having talked to a family member about your query, the suggestion was to perhaps try a meat based soup, rather than the bone broth. Traditional chicken soup might be a good one.

    Tomato skins are an insoluble fibre, so it wouldn't be too unusual to see them in your stools and would not necessarily be a sign of leaky gut.

    Have you tried the Paleo diet?

  • HI Penel thank you for the update, no havent tried paleo yet. I have 3 paleo library books reserved at our library I was going to look at those first. I am not looking forward to it, as I am finding it difficult to do without dairy and don't relish the prospect of giving up more foods i enjoy.

    Having said that I have started to feel a bit better since i posted this question, just wondering whether I have reached a point that i thought i should have when first diagnosed in March 2011, as unlike a lot of people I have felt worse since going GF

    It would be nice to think that putting up with the Paleo diet for a few months might heal me completely and then the rash would go. Thank you for being so helpful

  • 3 years is a long time to still have DH. It took a long time to clear up - (I've written this somewhere) mainly, cut down on halides - iodines, fish, drinking chlorinated water, and sulphides/fluorides. You can bring the salmon back into your diet when the itching gets under control.

  • Hi, I bought some. I took one teaspoon and had a terrible headache, muscle aches, just felt awful. I have always suspected I am intolerant to mono sodium glutamate and this proved it.

    L glutimane converts to msg in the body .

    Shame because I was hoping it would help.

  • Hi Jessiepup thank you for the information, i didnt know this. I havent bought any as yet so will try to get a small amount to try if i do rather than waste money

  • Hello tomoxon....I am a few days late responding to your post. I did want to ask you if you have tried to do a detox? I am a certified holistic health coach andc I have RA myself. It has been a LONG road leading to where I am now. Before you begin taking LGlutamine, you need to clean out the gut in order to get the full benifit. I would love to talk more with you about the BENEFIT of changes we can make in our body using food and making changes.

  • there are pseudo grains (they are really seeds) that will stop your deprivation cravings, such as amaranth, quinoa and MILLET. The reason I capitalize Millet is that the texture is satisfying as a rice substitute, or even as a cream of wheat substitute, which depending on the amount of water you add to cook it can be a range of creaminess. You can even make flour and add flax to make pancakes or flatbread. Gluten free is not the end of the world, but the beginning of a love story with your own body. I will ask the universe to help you research and find more solutions to your lifestyle changes. Bless you


  • Hi Ramonalisa1 thank you for your suggestions, I have found (after being GF for the last 4 years ) that giving up dairy completely has made a big difference to the way i feel, I rarely have the DH rash now and my headaches have stopped.

    A couple of months ago I was getting regular terrible headaches and was prescribed a medication that i would have to be on all of the time to prevent them. I decided then I would rather cut out foods which I thought were causing the headaches such as chocolate etc than be on the tablets for the rest of my life and touch wood it appears to have worked as i feel so much better now.

    Thanks for your comments and help

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