Gluten free newbie

Gluten free newbie

I'm new here ,my husband was diagnosed with coeliac disease over four years ago.I do most of the cooking .It's getting easier to find food for him.Me and my son also eat gluten free food .My favourite thing at the moment is a gluten free Victoria sponge.

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  • Great pic! I'm new to this site. I have chosen to go gluten free due to health reasons. I am finding it hard to know what to eat/ cook myself. I'm living on salads; baked sweet potato

    Gluten free cornflakes .. bet that sponge was lovely ☺

  • There's a lot of gf recipes out there. Just have a google.

  • Oh thank you so much penel, very kind of you. Just what I need 😊.much appreciated and thank you for the reply

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