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Persistent low folate results. Should I be on folic acid tablets or can I eat my way to normal range

Hi this is actually for my sis. She is coeliac and I am hashimotos thyroiditis. She will be joining this site. As I have told her how amazing it is for getting me right treatment.

Basically she has had low folate results for two years or more. Tested about 3 times. She eats broccoli, sprouts etc. Not anaemic or low b12. She had ogd that showed worn down villi on first diagnosis and a positive antibody test at time. Recently some 10 years later she has a negative coeliac test. Or whatever u call it when antibodies are no longer prevalent. showing her gluten free diet is adequate I guess.

What I was thinking is ;

1) what does she have to eat in a day to get enough folate. Is it realistic amounts say of broccoli or some other veg or common fruit etc

2) should the doc supplement her becoz if she already eating enuf in diet then she mustn't be absorbing it.

3) even if 2) not a reason then should doc supplement just to bring her up to range initially quickly then leave her to maintain this healthy level by diet.

4) if supplement not necessary does she eat twice the amount of food say to get up to right level then eat normal daily amount to maintain

5) could she still have flat villi even after more than 10 years in diet. As she doesn't do total coeliac stuff. She doesn't get symptoms if eats contaminated food . Flour been on surface etc. But could it still be stopping regrowth of villi. And hence poor absorption of folate.

Is folate stored?

Thankyou for your help? We have read some stuff and ofcourse she knows more than me.

So greatful for your time in reading this and if you have time and energy to reply I thankyou in advance. And I wish u health and wellbeing

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When you say b12 is ok- how ok numbers wise? B12 uses folate to work and vice versa but she shouldnt be supplementing folate until a possibility of low b12 is ruled out.

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Hi Popppy

Persistent low folate levels could very likely mean that your sister is not absorbing what she needs from her food. Most people can get what they need from a good diet and the body can store it for a little while. Supplementing can be necessary for some people. Good idea to discuss this all with your doctor.

This is a comprehensive article which might be useful.

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