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hi there, can anyone recommend a good GF multivitamin. I've been taking centrum women 50+ since coeliac diagnosis (as thought it probably made sense to take one) - but looking online I can't seem to get a straight answer to my querying whether it's definitely GF or not. I've emailed them but so far no reply. So maybe time to change. Anyone got any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

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  • I use wilkinsons own brand, they just say sugar and yeast free.

  • Hi Tilly they are now classes as gf please see:

    Some supermarket multi vitamins are classed as gf but use manitol which can be a wheat derivative and is used as a laxative so this is worth bearing in mind.

    Another alternative if you do want to change brands:

  • I have been taking Nature's Best Multi Max Advance quite happily. I have coeliac also can't tolerate dairy and soy. Nature's Best is a UK company available online.


  • I take Pharmaton, usually for a couple of months, and then a break for a couple of months. They are the only ones that really give me a boost. I think because they are in capsule form they are more easily digested than tablets, and I do have problems absorbing nutrients which is why I feel I need a supplement boost. They do contain lactose, and I think nut oil. I avoid too much lactose in my diet but tolerate these really well.


  • thanks all - really helpful. In fairness to centrum I should say (you are right Jerry) they just emailed me back saying this:

    In response to your question, I can confirm that it is gluten free and suitable coeliacs.

    Intrigued by Pharmaton tho, to be honest I can't say I can tell any difference when i take them and when i forget (often). I don't even know if I need them tbh, just a bit of a belt and braces approach in the early-ish days post-diagnosis.

    thanks again

  • Hi there, I would recommend 'Solgar' , they are sold at Holland and barret and are 100% GF and allergen free, have a look they are superb. Have been taking them now for a few years. 😀

  • Why take vitamins supplements? Are you unable to eat a balanced diet?

  • Just belt and braces Mary ;)

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