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Why bother?

The wait to get an endo near me is about 2-3 months. That's 2-3 months of constant pain and all the other crap that's going on with me now. But if I cut gluten now then I may not get clear results or accurate testings.

So, either wait and hope you get a clear diagnosis or cut the gluten and go without an official label? (Additional factor is my kids, they have some of my problems in mild form, maybe I wait will mean they don't have too?)

What would you do?

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So yesterday we wanted to test my food diary and I didn't eat anything bad until about midday when I had a high wheat busicuit. Within minutes my issues showed up and my pains were worse within an hour, just from one busicuit. So my hubs and I desiderate that it wasn't worth waiting for an official diagnosis. I've had bloods taken before stopping with gluten so hopefully those will prove helpful. But not going to wait months and risk damaging my internals more. We might never know if it's celiac or intolerance but that's okay if we get to he healthy again :)

Last night on the way home from hospital. My hubs pulls up at subway automatically for dinner. The staff were very helpful and while one check their indredents list the other cleaned the work station for me to prevent crosscon, I felt so weird and self concious, but I got a lovely salad out of it. It was the first time in a long time I didn't feel sick when I eat something. Ive eaten salads as such at home but often give my kids sandwiches and such, so I get plenty crosscon at home. Not anymore.

But I've got to go shopping today lol. All I've got for breakfast in half a cucumber lol :)


Thankfully there is more understanding about and availability of gluten free food nowadays. Good luck with the choice you have made.

Don't overdo the ready made supermarket gluten free foods, as they can cause problems because of the additives. Stick to fresh naturally gluten free foods, get a good gluten free cookbook (or look on line). It can take some time to get used to a gluten free life style. Perhaps have a look at "Living Gluten free for Dummies" or have a look at the Coeliac UK.

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Thanks for the advice. Yeah, I spent the morning doing research on what's safe and not. It was rather daughnting all the things I can't eat and what with not knowing how sensative I am. And how many things have gluten in (toothpaste for example). I've tried cooking for family and me serperatly this evening. I only have a small worktop in the kitchen and hope I don't have to buy new pans just for me. Guess I'll find out soon.

I'm seeing the dr on Friday for blood test results, to review my food diary and to discuss ideas and such. We'll see what happens I guess.

I never realised how big a deal this gluten free stuff was until I started looking in my cupboards for stuff that was likely free from lol. Didn't come up with much lol :) steamed veggies and chicken for me tonight. Make curry and rice for family.

Tomorrow were going away for the day. Feeding kids and hubs will be super easy, but I'll have to hope there are some salad options lol :)

Thanks again.


Most regular meals can be adapted to be gluten free, without anyone noticing, but it does tend to mean cooking from scratch. It is surprising to discover where gluten is hidden and it can be annoying to have to read all labels, but it's really important.

Perhaps take a snack with you tomorrow, unless you can check on line that there will be something safe for you to eat. I always have a bag of mixed fruit and nuts in my bag, just in case.

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Yh, the only things I have gluten free in my house are small bags of popcorn. But we can pick stuff up while out :) I'm pretty low mantainance when it comes to food.

I've tons of frozen veggies so eating at home is a doddle, I'm also quite fond of home cooking. Just been to tired and sore lately to do much of it. I cooked today which felt great emotinally. I like cooking and experimenting with foods. And I've a friend with celiac who can probably share some nice menu ideas and trusty google lol.

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