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Frail nails


Hi guys .I need your advice on something.Since forever I had problems with my nails: they don't grow or if they do they break immediately and they are very thin.I know how important it is to have nice healthy nails and nice hands so for years now I've tried to hide my ugly nails by putting fake nails.The problem is that now because I've done it for so long my nails are even worse so I have to stop..I don't know what the problem is but anybody knows any treatments or vit or something that I can do or take to "fix" my nails?I'm coeliac and I'm afraid to try something that is not safe for me.Thanks

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Do you have chronically high insulin-like growth factor levels maybe? Eat only small amounts of carbohydrate, about 40g each meal, from low Gi sources, and increase your natural fat intake instead.

Try the pernicious anemia section for additional suggestions. Bad nails is one of the many symptoms from vitamin B12 deficiency. Have you had your blood levels of B12 and folic acid tested? Don't start supplementing until you have had the blood tests done.

I became gluten and dairy intolerant at about the same time as I was diagnosed with a B12 deficiency. The condition of my nails is a marker symptom for me that I am getting low.

Start a logbook of all your symptoms. As you get this issue resolved you may discover other symptoms that you had not yet connected to a common cause.

Mikeila in reply to pvanderaa

Thank you.I didn't thought that B12 might be one of the causes.I will try do some blood tests if my GP will actually help me.

Try taking a vitamin D tablet each day, it has done wonders for my nails.

Hi Mikeila, there are so many reasons that nails can be brittle and most of those reasons are either deficiencies or even too high levels in some vitamins or minerals. Low b12, low d, low folate, high selenium can all be reasons why. Even being undermedicated or being on a medication that doesn't suit you. It's almost an impossible question to answer seeing as how it is specific to each person.

You should get some tests done to see the root of your deficiencies, the vit/minerals I previously mentioned should be included in the test, along with a general vitamin and mineral panel. For myself the only thing that got my nails back in order was changing diet as my brittle nails are due to poor digestion, I also take a number of supplements.

Maybe do another post asking members what are the right tests to order when you notice you have brittle nails (others are more knowledgeable than me), but I wouldn't recommend just shooting blinding in the dark and taking supplements that could very well harm you if they go over range and you're not being tested.

Mikeila in reply to dang

Thank you.the question is my GP will give me to do those tests or dismiss me saying I don't need them?I don't have a very positive experience with him.

dang in reply to Mikeila

These tests are quite standard and not so expensive to run so your doctor would even normally run these tests at a checkup. Selenium is not as common but you shouldn't need that test unless you are currently supplementing it.

If your GP is worthwhile they will do the tests, brittle nails are an obvious sign of deficiency and any qualified doctor should know that. As we all know not all doctors are so helpful and knowledgable. Go to your doctor and see what happens rather than speculating. If your GP is unwilling is it possible for you to find a new practitioner?

When my nails were thin and unhealthy, I found increasing my intake of protein was the answer.

my nails are very fragile and when i let them go they are not strong so i cut them so i dont hurt myself.

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