I think M&S might have come up trumps again :)

I was in a bit of a narky mood walking round our local M&S as they don't seem to be doing my fave GF chocolate/cherry cake anymore :(

Anyway, I was looking for something easy to do for a roast tomorrow, there's only 2 of us so something easy was the way to go - I distractedly picked up the chicken breast roast topped with stuffing and bacon.... then I got confused!!

Under the allergens were listed Cow's milk and Sulphites - What no gluten, how can that be? The stuffing is made with a 'gluten free crumb' (rice flour) - yipee!

I really miss stuffing with that kind of dinner especially as the GF mixed I've tried are difficult to form and don't really taste all that good - I shall report back and what it tastes like but for now I feel in a good mood now, I'm looking forward to a hopefully simple and yummy roast dinner tomorrow.

Sorry to have waffled onn a bit but this is a 'blog' section and I've had a tiring week, it's the simple things that will usually make me smile :)

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  • We couldn't agree more Sonianin! We've long believed and spread the word about M&S's clear food labelling and ethos of converting mainstream food into GF (ck out all their sausages are GF and it's clearly labelled on the front of packets, a lot of their sauces are and they've increased their lunch salads, plus their Xmas selection is great). Sadly they get a lot of flack by Coeliacs that want the usual Free From aisle set up. However, we'd far rather shop like everyone else and find our stuff in the mainstream aisles. Thanks for flagging this up and let us know how it tastes!

    PS Don't forget to email M&S and praise them

  • Also their prawn cocktail is GF and its great with one of their always ripe avocado's for lunch as a change. I wish they would sell the bigger containers all year round like they do at Christmas.

  • Fiona, thanks for the heads up, I will email them :) and I'll let you know anout the taste. Yes, the sausages are great, there's usually a pack in the fridge and a spare in the freezer. Plus they've got a lot more competitive on pricing these days so it's all good!

  • Talking of sausages....try Sainsbury`s Taste the Difference Tuscan and one other which I think is pork/Herb or Pork/Apple. Both are I believe GF and the tuscan go really well in a sausage casserole!

  • Ooh, I don't often get to Sainsbury's but will look out for them when I do, and I will mention to my Mum as she shops there :)

  • Black Framers sausages which are made from british meat are great and they do chipolata's as well as the big fat ones!

  • Sorry - predictive text - should read Farmers!!

  • APsnotFab you`re not the only one to have to apologise!

    wife has corrected my previous post. It should read Toulouse not Tuscan and the other one is PorkHerb!!

    Sorry, just proves who shops in our house.

  • I think-but am not sure, that it's their Sicilian & Toulouse style sausages + one of the ordinary pork ones. Their website is very easy to use-it's all on there. Looking at the M & S website, I noted that their GF things included breaded ham too-so I checked it on the shelf & sure enough-also breadcrumbs from GF bread-amazing!

  • Co op sausages are gluten free and very high meat content too - they're yummy! Co op are doing well for a smaller convenience operation although it is only the larger stores that carry the gf aisle. Sausages are in the mainstream aisle so get them at most stores!

  • We've had that roast before and it tastes great, m&s will send you a list of all their gluten free items if you ask them,

  • Yes, I have looked at the list online that I saw posted on here but I probably only looked at the obvious, silly me!

  • M&S also do chicken breasts in breadcrumbs and they do fish in their own breadcrumbs too although mainly stocked at the larger branches. :) Happy days :)

  • That sounds great kat. I will definitely have to stop at the massive one in Camberley some time soon and stock up. I'm now eating a little gluten so I cope OK with a KFC every couple of weeks if I don't eat too much - but that's probably why I overslept so badly today! That would be a brilliant way to make my husband happy though :)

  • Also I think their GF seeded bread is the best GF bread but I did write in an complain as I think £3.15 for a loaf is outrageous.

  • Ha, I got that for my husband the other day, completely by accident - he was also not too impressed as he'd paid the bill - when we got home, I could say quite honestly (having read your comment) "coo, I bet they charged over £3 for that!" :D

  • Have rushed out and discovered that they do separate 'trays' of stuffing that are gluten free! Woo hoo! Now all we need is GF bread sauce and we' ll be whistling Dixie! Does any one know... Does Marmite have gluten?

  • The proce of specific GF food is generally pretty scandalous. Good news on the stuffing trays :) I think marmite is no good tho:( It's made with malt, can't be sure tho, just assumed not...was gutted to lose my HP sauce but the GF equivalent is pretty good. It's funny how some stuff matches up well whereas other stuff just doesn't cut it!

    Dinner is in the oven now, REALLY looking forward to it :)

  • Gah, that would make more sense without a typo - the 'price' of GF products is scandalous ;)

  • Seem to recall on here a while back being told that it isn't considered GF in the USA, but is here, although the company is-or was then a bit noncommited. So, despite being an addict-I gave it up until I hear different-miss all those Bvits though!

  • Yep, I found the thread:


    Sounds like it's a bit vague, possible ok if produced in the UK so I may try it but I'd be more dubious is I had CD (the official Unilever website pretty unhelpful).

  • Their stuffing is lovely. I usually get it at Christmas and also their sausages in bacon.

  • Marmite is gluten free, I contacted Unilever about it.

  • I 'm awkward I know but I do wish Linda Mc Cartney veggie food was GF!

  • Me Too!

  • Not awkward at all, I can appreciate your thoughts on that. Personally, I don't know how I'd survive if I was veggie, I never liked many vegetables (yes, I'm a picky eater!)

    My Mum was a vegetarian for a good 15+ years before being diagnosed with CD, I think she'd have worked her way round that if there weren't other pressures in her life cos I know she didn't miss meat.

  • YUMMY!

    Husband ate it too with no complaints, I guess we'll be having that again :)

  • hi in answer to the query about marmite i am not 100 percent but i think it is, i do know its yeast extract and both tesco,s and sainsburys yeast extract is g/f w/f. marmite is just the brand name as you know.Glad to hear about the stuffing will be trying that next sunday

  • Thank you - good news!

  • just checked out the m&s g/f list .On page 36 of 44 under foods not containing gluten is g/f bread sauce, i got tired after that page but i know someone mentioned it earlier HOPE YOU FIND IT.I,m still having to make sure everything is g/f w/f and the m&s list isn,t listing many that are both hopefully someone out there may know which products are, hopefully my symptoms will ease soon then i can try and add the small amount that coeliac uk recommend is safe into my diet and try some of the m&s range

  • Thanks for posting, my Mum will be having a proper full on roast this Sunday :)

  • I managed to pick up the GF breaded chicken at my local tiddly M&S, my husband was so shocked that he even went off to check their frozen stuff as there was no GF fish in the chiller - still, it's a vast improvement!

  • Saw the choc and cherry cake in m and s yesterday. Just a thought if they have taken it off the shelf at your local store you may still be able to get it with the online GF food service.

  • Thanks jan44, my husband picked it up easily at our town centre M&S yesterday :) So I guess they just stopped stocking it at our local little one (in fact I can't recall if I only ever got it from town, I have a brain like a sieve at the moment!).

    I've not looked onto buying online but I will have to do that :)

  • If you go to M&S customer service and ask they'll print you out their list of all gf products, it does contain things like fruit and veg & is 44 pages long but is a great reference.

  • Just a reminder that we have links to many Free From lists from retailers and suppliers on our Pinterest board:


    These lists are usually in a PDF file format so you are able to save them to your phone,tablet or PC. This then gives you the ability to quickly search the document.

    Note: If you do choose to download then be sure to check back regularly to ensure your info is current.

  • My grump about M&S is they have a coffee shop, great for meeting up with friends,

    their menu GF rolls for fillings and soup, but every time I ask for one they don't have any !

    Now I am going to write to the company, its a great coffee shop apart from that.

  • That's pretty poor if they offer GF on the menu :(

  • I am impressed with M&S after reading these comments. Previous to this I had a bit of an 'issue' with M&S over the confusing name of their 'made without wheat' range - the omission of wheat does not make something gluten free and this made me doubt that the company has any idea what gluten free actually means.

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