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Are you Eating Gluten Free?

I think the biggest struggle for anyone who is diagnosed as being allergic to anything, is figuring out what is safe to eat, especially as it relates to Gluten. My husband was diagnosed just over 10 years ago now. There are far more products out there that are Gluten Free. You can't just rely on the Ingredient List of a product because of cross contamination. Gluten Proteins are sticky and if machinery is not cleaned properly, you now have gluten on any products packaged after a "gluten containing" item is processed. Some people say they are not that sensitive; I believe they have not totally eliminated gluten yet as once you do, I guarantee you, you will be that sensitive. Confirm everything is gluten free either by the company's label saying "gluten free" or you doing your own research by emailing companies through their website. Here is just A FEW of the items that shocked me, tea, soya sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, relish, salad dressing, nuts, rice, liquor (not just beer), juice, soy milk, candy. Before you buy anything ensure you have confirmed it is gluten free.

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Agree with you, I'm constantly amazed at where gluten pops up. Mixed nuts and seeds in one of the M&S handy packs? I mean why on earth do they have to contaminate perfectly good nuts with wheat I ask?

I often wonder what people think as I take goods from the shelf, read the packand more often than not put them back.

I hope that eventually all manufacturers will wisen up like the enlightened ones that are around now.

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I spoke with one company directly and they said that it is because of the time and expense to clean off the machinery in between packaging. Also if they claim it is "gluten free", there is liability with it. Having said that, gluten proteins are sticky so it makes sense that there would be "cross contamination". I get bread from a bakery in Penticton, BC called "Just Pies". They make a GF Cocolothic Bread that is fantastic. I ship it by bus and they even take it to the depot. They make breads with gluten as well and the owner told me he cleans the machinery himself each day and does the gluten bread first. They do NOT claim it is GF, but we have used it for years and my hubby has never been glutened. Communication is key. Some people cannot take that risk though. My hubby now has diverticulitis from eating gluten all those years he didn't know he was allergic.


I noticed that in our local John Lewis cafe. They used to sell chocolate brownies labelled as gluten free, then all of a sudden the same brownies stopped being labelled as gluten free. The assistant said that they are the same brownies from the same supplier as before but they are no longer being classed as gluten free. Instead they offer not such nice but definitely gluten free things sealed in plastic. I think it's because, probably quite rightly, they aren't prepared to take the risk but it is a shame really.

A friend wad in Florence in Italy a couple of years ago and he is coeliac so he is really careful. He ordered his food, was assured it would be gluten free. It took ages to come and when it did they apologised profusely. Turned out they completely cleaned out everything involved in producing his meal. Service or what!

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Lol! Definitely great service! Liability is definitely an issue.


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