TMI post

Hi everyone,

first let me update you: my gluten free journey is going well...

still losing weight (yay)

but did come in contact with some gluten last weekend & let me say it caused a storm in my stomach that I was not prepared for to say the least.

getting rid of gluten is probably the best thing I have ever done for my body...

BUT here comes the TMI

besides when I accidentally consumed gluten, I am having trouble making bowel movements - coming from someone who used to have them regularly.

Why is this happening? what can I eat or do to make them more regular? Is this normal?

you guys are the best-- I know I will hear from you soon.

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  • Sorry to hear about the stomach and bowel problems. This may be because the body isn't use to the change in diet, yet. Give it a few days before you call your doctor.

  • I think once you give up gluten you realise how Ill it was making you. You can really see the reaction when you then eat it. It takes me days to get over it now. Potato, tomato and chilli are really bad for me too.

    Are you getting enough fibre? How about making some fruit and greens smoothies, may help.Theres some good oat meusli about too.

    My bowels changed too as obviously with gluten I went a lot and then it was a revelation to do a normal poo off gluten! Haha sorry everyone.

    Liquorice is meant to help and prunes.

  • I agree that liquorice is great if you find you can't go and I like dates which also help me. I also have a problem with chilli, it makes my lips and tongue swell so hate to think what it has been doing to my insides 😞

  • Do make sure you get the gluten free alternative liquorice though, as most liquorice contains wheat in the manufacturing process (see point 5 here):

  • Yes, thanks for highlighting that. I forget not everybody realises quite how many products Gluten finds its way into. I've found out the not so pleasant way on occasion x

  • Me too. It's baffling just how much cross-contamination of gluten there can be in the food processing business - learning this the unpleasant way isn't fun - especially when it takes days to recover. xx

  • I found that getting my gut bacteria back into good order seems to have helped with sorting out constipation long term. Try to eat pre-biotic and probiotic foods if you can, or take a good quality supplement.

    I have found prunes to be very effective in the short term, but do remember to drink water as well. Try about 6 prunes in the morning and repeat in the evening if necessary.

  • I agree - one of the best ways to get 'regular' again is to make sure you invigorate your gut bacteria with pre and probiotic foods or tablets. I tend to find a mix of acidophilus and rhamnosus probiotics work, whether that is from yoghurts or tablet form (see more on a strain great for alleviating Coeliac symptoms here:

    Also try adding linseed or flaxseed to your breakfast, smoothies or meals - I've found that they make all the difference for digestion.

  • Most people are low in magnesium - so taking a good one should help to sort out the bowel action. Also good levels of VitC taken before sleep - increase to bowel tolerance.

  • hi there , it took me a few months for my system to settle down and become 'regular' again.

    I was beginning to despair but eventually after 2 -3 months of taking probiotics, two fibrogel morning and night and sometimes adding dulcolax whilst living on vegetables, fruit, salads and seeds and fish. my system healed and began working again.

    i Agree with everyone about the prunes. Love em

    hope you find relief soon

  • Penel and Kaspa what prunes do you buy? I used to have dried ones but stopped getting them after learning dried fruit was probably rolled in flour. Would love to eat them again!

  • I found some in H&B which are suiting me ok. Their range and labelling seem to have improved over the last year.

  • Thank you! Are they dried though?

  • Sorry, not dried.

  • excellent will be on to them!

  • my current packets of dried prunes are from. Morissons. There's no wheat declared on the ingredient label. I haven't noticed any issues.

  • Kaspa - I have had a dodgy time with dried fruit - dates in fact and there was no warning on the label. However, it was pre-labelling directive. But I am still very wary. We have a wonderful market here and I wanted to buy some gorgeous dates on display but the vendor advised me he could not be sure there was no flour on them.

  • It's so tricky.

    I buy dates too to make gf cakes but always use supermarkets ( we have no nice market stall.) But you are right, and we can't be too careful.

  • too true Kaspa! I never risk it because of my experiences but so miss using these ingredients for recipes.

  • Your weight loss might be the clue to your sudden constipation because you aren't eating the same amount of food if you are losing weight - it's not that gluten free is a magic weight loss formula, it's that there isn't enough choice so you'll lose weight if you aren't careful. Other than that, the slowdown may be due to healing.

    GF foods replacements tend not to be so fibre rich, so seek out those that are labelled higher fibre. To get 'moving', as said before, prunes are good. I use tinned ones for ease and because they tend to be less 'rubbery'! Any fruit is good. Try to avoid going down a laxative route if you can.

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