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Has you had acupuncture? I went to have it for arthritis in my thumb joints and it helped tremendously. She also treated my digestive system which has been 'sluggish' since the year dot and she suggested that I take Floroxadin Iron tablets as my blood was deficient. I have no idea how she could tell that..... She also suggested I went GF and it is something that I had been thinking about for quite a while as I am hypothroid and I know it has helped a lot of people but it is quite a daunting task. Having recently had blood tests done for coeliac disease among other things I thought I would take the bull by the horns and give it a go.

Sorry I kind of got off subject a bit there.......

What are your views on acupuncture?

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I started having acupuncture many years ago when I had a uterine infection following a miscarriage which 6 months of antibiotics could not cure. Not only did the acupuncture sort that out but after my third treatment I realised I felt something I only ever felt if 'in love' JOY! I had suffered from depression since a teenager.

It took months of treatment to get me properly balanced, I would feel better then block up again, have another treatment and feel better for longer and longer etc, but eventually I stopped having depression. I

Every year or so something in my family would trigger a depression and if my body didn't sort it out for itself I would go back, I would not be able to believe it would work again, feeling it was probably a fluke because I was depressed, but it would work.

It's really important to see someone very good, who is trained in Chinese and not just some GP who did a weekend course as that's totally different. My acupuncturist had been doing it for 17 years at that point, now it would be 34! It changed my life totally.

Some People say it is psychosomatic bit a) I didn't even go for my depression and b) sadly it didn't work when I got m.e. M.E was just too baffling and complex. Nothing has worked for that!

In China they use acupuncture instead of anaesthetic for operations! That tells you something about how effective it can be!

Good luck.

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Did it help your gut? I am now interested to have a look at this. Thanks for sharing


Yes it did :)

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