Symptoms of gluten intolerance

Hi guys

I hope you are well.

I have a query regarding the symptoms of gluten intolerance. I was told by my doctor some years ago that I have IBS but after no joy in easing the symptoms, I have been told to consider the possibility of gluten intolerance. My doctor won't send me for tests so it is very much a case of self diagnosis.

I have tried a gluten free diet and have seen a slight improvement, but I would like to be sure.

I become very tired very quickly, and feel like I have no energy most of the time. When I eat, my tummy bloats almost instantly and is very uncomfortable. I also have joint pain and restlessness of my arms and legs (although that may be related, I don't know).

I would like to get to the heart of the problem as it is making life miserable.

Any advice guys? Xx

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  • Hi Rachael - sorry to hear you are suffering. I have just been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease after suffering for years with pain, bloating and diarrhoea which my doctor incorrectly put down to another condition that I have. I got worse and worse and in desperation tried removing gluten from my diet. I felt much better so I went back to my GP and told him. He then sent me for a simple blood test which showed I had antibodies indicating I was reacting to gluten. Then I had to eat gluten for a few weeks before having a biopsy taken to see whether I was gluten intolerant or whether I had Coeliac Disease.

    You may not be coeliac but you should be tested for it because it can seriously harm you to leave it untreated. CD is also under-reported and the Coeliac Organisation are trying to publicise this so that people with CD are found and treated. The treatment is being strictly gluten free with support of a dietitian and regular blood tests and medical check ups.

    I think you should go back to your doctor, tell him you are no better and ask for a blood test to check for antibodies.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on. Diane

  • Each person's combination of indicators to gluten intolerance are unique. Your GP will look at common symptoms. Ask a dietician for help, through your GP?

    Elimination diet is an extreme but effective way of finding which food is causing problems. Start with safe foods, then add suspects.

  • The Immune System Recovery Plan is a great book with a workbook included. It should help you to work out your good intolerance. I'm half way through.

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