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When to get gluten intolerance/coeliac test?


Hi guys,

I'm new, and I have not been told I have a gluten intolerance. It was more an assumption I made myself.

I have afib and, in that community, the gut/heart connection is well known. 18 months following ablation, my heart became really irritated again and it coincided with some bad gas/bloating and IBS like issues. I dived into a FODmap diet and quickly scaled back to gluten, dairy and wheat free.

I'd never been tested for intolerances for any though, I was just terrified of upsetting my heart again. Heart gradually settled but lately, with a lot of other health issues, it's playing up again and I'm wondering whether it's time to find out for sure.

Obviously, the only problem is, I haven't touched gluten (well, at least, knowingly) for over 2 years and I've only recently started to reintroduce lacto-free cheese into my diet. Somewhat successfully at first, whilst also using gut bacteria or enzyme supplements.

Last few days have been rough with gas and wind, it's almost constant and so embarrassing when sharing a small office with somebody.

As I haven't eaten anything containing gluten for a long time, I'm guessing it's possible that my symptoms are simply IBS or other gastro disorder related. So I'm tempted to try gluten again and see how that goes. Then possibly just get a general intolerances test at some point in the near future so I can know for sure.

Last time I ate a small piece of normal wholemeal bread, I had cold like symptoms for a few days, so it totally put me off. But I suppose it could've just been coincidence.

Any thoughts or similar experiences here?

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Hi there, it could be that the re-introduction of lactose free cheese is causing the problem. I’m gluten, dairy and soya intolerant. I originally thought it was lactose so tried lactose free cheese and milk. At first it was fine but eating lots of it had a cumulative effect and I now believe that it’s the protein in the milk as well as the lactose that causes me the problems. This is apparently common in people with gluten intolerance as the protein is similar to that in gluten. Perhaps try removing the lactose free cheese for a while again and see if that helps? I’ve found, through a process of trial and error, that I can manage 2 cups of tea with lactose free milk a day and a tiny bit of cheese once in a while, but any more than that and my symptoms return. I avoid gluten and soya completely.

DaveT81 in reply to Julesboz

Yes, I may try that.

Touch wood - doesn't seem that bad today. So a little bit of normal bread may be in order over this weekend, as a test.

Julesboz in reply to DaveT81

I’d try one thing at a time otherwise you won’t know what is causing your issues.

In order to be tested you will need to be on regular diet without exclusions. Like you I have excluded many fóods from my diet for over 30 years. And will not get tested as will not go on regular diet. As yet have found no advantage to confirming

DaveT81 in reply to FFNick

Yeah, that is a point too.

I would like to just know for sure, because if I'm going to suffer as much from eating wheat, gluten, etc. as without, I might as well just revert back again.

I changed due to IBS like symptoms irritating my heart. My heart has since returned to being really irritated so I'm tempted to just slowly add in some gluten or wheat and see how it goes.

I'll work it out eventually!

Best to get proper medical test to put your mind at rest. Sounds you are quite anxious over this and anxiety and stress can cause heart problems and even stomach and bowel problems so get an appointment with your doctor. I'm a retired mental health counsellor and recommend you get to your doctor for proper diagnon


I have a gluten intolerance like u i kind of worked it out myself after years if IBS being abit overweight and i just decided to give up dairy, gluten and it worked a treat.

The only thing about having a allergy/ intolerance test is u have to b eating that food group for couple weeks before to show it on test...

so i was told i had to start eating gluten again before test which i was not willing to do as it kills my stomach ...

I always think do what makes u feel best... if u feel better not eating it dont...

Bread sometimes it can b the yeast that upsets u not the gluten as t expands and turns into gas in stomach and also feeds bad bacteria ( candida/sibo) so ur get pain and gas....

I think it's worth trying an intolerance test, but I would suggest holding off on reintroducing any food you think might be upsetting you just now. I was doing a gluten challenge from the end of January, unfortunately this Coronavirus thing exploded whilst I was doing it. A doctor advised me to stop, as now is not a good time to be deliberately putting your body under additional strain if the cure is so simple.

Are you strictly gluten free or are you eating foods that have a risk of cross contamination? This will include using separate cooking utensils and replacing your toaster. If you are strictly gluten free, then I don't think gluten is your source of the IBS.

Multiple food intolerances do suggest that you have underlying gut issues/permeability going on. It's often more common that the gut issues came first, causing the intolerances, and not strictly the intolerances causing your gut issues. Cutting out the foods will help, but it won't fix your problems until you heal the underlying gut issues. In fact, you'll probably just find yourself becoming intolerant to more foods. You may find once you heal your gut, many if your intolerance foods can be reintroduced again.

I have since tried a bit of normal bread, and my reaction wasn't anything to write home about.

Bloating, gassy, indigestion.

I'm going to keep upping the amount to see how I get on.

In order to get these tests done you need to be eating a normal diet for at least 6 weeks otherwise you will get a false reading and maybe a false diagnosis. Take care.

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