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My Holiday in Spain

I would just like to thank everyone who said how easy it would be to get gluten free - you were correct. We were stopping in the mountains way off the beaten track and the local village shop had the best gluten free burger buns and they also sold Rice Milk. I don't eat burgers but the buns were the best gluten free bread I have ever eaten the are called GERBLE Pan Burger.



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That's great news. Just returned from Turkey the language barrier was a bit of a problem but most people were so willing and happy to help. Google translate was used often ;)


Thanks for the post! I'm travelling to Spain in two weeks for the fist time and was a bit worried about eating with my diet.



I just spent the whole winter in Spain. Found it easy enough to eat gluten free. A lot of the Spanish resturants would even offer to cook chips in a separate pan of oil for me. Even the Chinese would cook me gf food. If I wanted. Also the supermarkets have a great range and everything is marked clearly on the front...sin gluten in all sections when they are. Mercadona do a good Hacienda sliced bread, better lightly toasted and good part cooked baguette. I never had any problems during the whole time I was there. Actually it was easier than when in Uk..although I have seen great improvements since returning back here. Love the way many restaurants throughout seem to have a seperate gf menu here as well as abroad. Makes life easier for all. And makes life easier for staff as well.


I go to Greece twice a year and find it easier there than I do at home eating. They cook fresh and always willing to help x


Hey Florie, that's awesome to hear you had a great time and enjoyed your time in Spain, I knew you would be happy with there gf choices. I'm off to Spain again in a few weeks and look forward to their bread aswell, definatelly some of the best I've had is there. : ) take cre


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