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New to all this


I’ve jumped over from the running side to look for advice and encouragement as that is what I get over there. My granddaughter (aged 2) had just been tested for coeliac but is almost certainly gluten intolerant. I KNOW we’ll manage as her sisters were egg and dairy free and that frightened us at first (what will they eat, what can I bake?). Of course the current run on flour etc doesn’t help but I know you all will have advice. I’ve still managed a run today in the circumstances and I’m sure I’ll manage to feed her tonight too!! - I’m a hard working granny child carer! 😊 Thanks in advance.

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Sybilw, I'm surrounded by coeliacs in my household Mrs Wife and th eldest daughter are both confirmed coeliacs. Go stock up on doves gluten free flour, normally Available in all supermarkets or health store.

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Thank you. I notice the word ‘normally’!! I’m sure we’ll be fine but my daughter thought she’d escaped allergies with daughter #3! I expect that for a while it’s just a matter of reading the ingredient lists - again - oldest granddaughter used that against us as a toddler. If she didn’t fancy something she pretended to read the label and tell us it was no good for her as it contained milk!! Thanks again for the reassurance.

Hi Sybilw

There are many aspects to gluten free living, from the foods your grandaughter can/can't have, cross-contamination risks, products to use/not use (including shampoos, etc), eating out, repairing health/damage, making your kitchen safe and clean of cross contamination risk.

I think one of the best leads for this will be your grandaughter's primary care giver who should be working with their doctor/dietician on the advice. Ask for copies of all guidelines, etc. Also contact Coeliac UK for some basic advice but do be careful and aware that CUK food guideance can be very hit and miss.

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Thank you. We’re hoping it’s an allergy or intolerance rather than coeliac but she’s been tested and we’re waiting on the result. 🤞🏻 I wasn’t aware of all the obstacles ahead though so thanks for the warning.

Are you aware she might grow out of it.

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Yes 🤞🏻 Her sisters grew out of their egg and dairy allergies but still chose to eat neither. Thanks for reminding me of that though - you don’t always think positive at times like this.

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