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Breast vs Bottle

Is there any research which indicates whether breast milk or formula is best in the first three months for babies in highly autoimmune families? My daughter is mix feeding 10 day old baby as her own milk has been low, so by expressing, formula and breast, baby is gaining weight. She is unsure which to adopt if she can establish breast feeding due to a reluctance to compromise baby's autoimmune system. I think I recently read a research article regarding IgG incidence in breast fed babies.

She is diagnosed PCOS and was hypothyroid after first baby. She was prescribed metformin to achieve a successful pregnancy. She is also much much better gluten free. Her brother is diagnosed Coeliac. I have Hashimotos and am infinitely better gluten free, untested for Coeliac.

Her cousins on my side have multiple allergies including asthma, eczema and anaphylactic shock. Her cousins on her dad's side have chronic IBS so have not had children.

Any sources of information would be appreciated . . . Thanks

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Congratulations on the birth of a grandchild, but I'm so sorry that it's such a stressful time for you all.

Perhaps try the PubMed website if you are looking for some scientific reports.

As far as I can see, breast milk will just pass on antibodies from the mother. Coeliac disease has a strong genetic component and seems to often have a 'trigger', but I can't see any research that shows it will be passed on via breast feeding.

Perhaps there are instances where mothers are told not to breast feed their babies, but I am not sure what the cicumstances would be, other than possibly if the mothers have HIV.

These are from PubMed, not sure if they will be of any use.


Thank you Penel, just information gathering will also ring Coeliac UK. Will check your links first much appreciated . . . .


Have read your links, Penel, very many thanks, it's a while since I did research trying to sort family: I had forgotten this valuable resource.

In case anyone is reading this post I thought I would add this link too

Clear diagrammatic representation of the mechanisms at work.

It seems overall the jury is out on my question.

I shall ring my metabolic consultant today ( thyroid specialist clinic) and also Coeliac UK to see where they think the current research.


I hope you get this resolved soon.

The PubMed article you have linked is a fascinating study of the benefits of breast milk.

My youngest grandchild is currently being weaned, while still being breast fed. She has been introduced to gluten without any problems, so far.

Those first few months of life can be such an anxious time, I do hope everything works out well for your daughter and baby.


As your daughter was on Metformin then it is possible her B12 will be low - it needs to be near the top of the range. If she is VitD deficient I have also read that can affect the baby and that breast milk will not contain enough. So much to think about - hope all goes well.


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