Vit d and gluten

Having been dismissed by my GP after testing negative for celiac I requested a vit d test as I have been having problems for around 3 years with vit d level low. He did the test and my level has dropped from 34 to 19 despite having years of supplements off the doc. I have always felt it is all connected. He has now referred me to an Endocrinology specialist as my doc has no clue as to what is happening with vit d. Anyone else had similar problem?

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  • Has he checked for non celiac gluten sensitivity? There are more things to check for than pure Celiac. And I doubt very much that an endo will have any more of a clue. There are hundreds of posts about these issues. The administrators of this site have lists of knowledgeable practitioners - often not alleopathic medics but naturopath doctors are better

  • No he didn't check for non celiac he says I would have diarrhoea if I was. I also get blisters on my hands when I have gluten but he's not interested.

  • Hi feelingletdown, vitamin D mal-absorption is not just associated with CD but is very common with thyroid issues, this is because the gut tract suffers from inflammation with thyroid problems and thus the person has issues absorbing vitamin D regardless of taking a supplement.

    Low vitamin D is a common subject on the HU thyroid site:

    So I would join that group and do a search for ''low vitamin D'' using the search box top right of the home page and you will see that this is a regular topic.

    And I think that this is what your Dr suspects and why he is referring you to an Endocrinology specialist. So I'd try and reassure yourself that they are on your case and I hope they find the cause and you feel better soon.

  • Thankyou I will take a look. My appointment with the Endocrinology is March 25th so not going to find anything out soon.

  • I had a very very low vit d level and tendinitis the year before I was diagnosed hyperthyroid. I'm convinced it all is connected

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