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Hi I have been staying in Spain for the last 3 months and buying Gf foods has been very easy with a great selection especially at Mercadona. And I took great delight in being able to eat my favourite foods at sensible prices. But I recently have had a some really bad pain all around the right side off my ribs back and front. Also a long term headache and very lethargic and dizzy spells. The doctors here has told me to have a low fat diet and prescribed anti inflammatory tablets and Buscopan. It,s a Spanish doctor so translation a slight problem. But I would think its to do with my gut. Due to medication prescribed. But also I concerned about the low fat thing as much of GF food is very high in fat. Has anyone had these symptoms or any ideas. I've spent the last three days eating just fresh healthy naturally GF foods fat free where possible. And just starting to feel better. Im a 64 year old lady by the way and spent many years prior.

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  • Tammydog,

    Have you consideredd it might be a gall bladder problem. I have been experiencing this painon and off for over 11 years. it hits me if I have a fatty meal. last night we had pork pot roast, a large helping of baked potatoes, goose fat coated, plenty of green and yellow vegetables and of course a gravy made with corn flour from the juices the meat was cooked in. I suffered last night. I am told no it is not gall bladder...really?? How do you know, it's never been checked. Gp reckons it is a pulled muscle. I normally eat smalll helpings but last night I threw caution to the wind. Normally we do have a low fat diet, well more mediterraenian

    I am taking DCL Licorice tablets, one twice daily and have to be chewed, rather than take prescribed medications. i also get relief if I lay on my left side when in bed.

    Just an observatiion on my part. I hope you get relief soon.

  • Cheers for reply. I was once told it was my gall bladder as I have had it before but not so severe. I had my appendicts rupture a couple years ago. And the doctor I had then said she wished they had removed the gall bladder as well. But the specialist said it was a muscular problem. I went for Physio here. And spent 3 days In severe pain though out my torso area. So maybe I will try the liquorice tablets if they are GF. But will check out with my UK doctor when I get back in April again. Thankyou.

  • Hi fidgetsmum. my head pharmacist here in France suggested I didn't eat Pork, other fresh meat and fish yes. I wonder if it is to do with pigs diets and the way they scratch around in the dirt?

    Funnily enough, although Pork is a meat I've often eaten before, it's always been my least favourite and by choice I wouldn't eat it - now I'm definitely not going to.

    Also to you and Tammysdog, just to let you know I use the website to check all prescribed meds now for me. It's a really useful website and will also do comparisons between drugs you are taking. Giving good details about side- effects etc.

    I'm not gluten intolerrant as far as I can make out, but am in process of giving my 'gut' a good clean up and clear out with Arko Royal, from Arkopharma, recommended by the pharmacist. Just before starting afresh with a pro-biotic, someone on the Thyroid UK site has recommended one from Amazon, I'll, need to go back on that forum tho to find out the name of it!

    My own doctor who had said OK to the Royal Jelly & Ginko one, has just suggested I buy Activa. I seem to remember a long while ago tho, on one of the TV consumer programmes, that a scientist/nutritionist saying that most of the supermarkets products aren't as good as they claim to be!

    Any thoughts?

  • Hi Tammydog

    The additives in ready-made gf foods can cause problems too. Glad to hear that sticking to fresh foods is helping you, it's certainly better for your health all round.

    Check out the side effects of liquorice, it is not recommended if you have high blood pressure.

  • Good point about high blood pressure Pennel. The Herbalist advised NO more than TWO tablets a day.

  • DGL liquorice is fine to take, even if you have high blood pressure, because the ingredient which affects blood pressure in ordinary liquorice has been removed from this product. It's an excellent alternative to prescription medicines for digestive troubles, and has been proved to be equally effective.

  • I don't know the cause but have had that problem for years,it goes away sometimes for a year or more sometimes for a few weeks then it reappears. Being to docs who ruled out gall bladder thinks it could be muscular or it could be after effects of a stomach bug. Case of take your pick not much help though when you are in pain. I think the t is part ibs and part stress related as when I have a lot on my mind it seems worse. Any way I hope it settles down for you.


  • A few years ago I happened to mention to my Endo that I was having pain in my ribs and he immediately got me tested for vitamin D and I was bordeline. Since starting supplements I rarely suffer these days, sometimes a niggle if I get overtired. Living in Spain you probably get sunshine most of the year, but it might not be quite enough?

  • I use a very good product Easi Yo it is the best yoghurt I have ever eaten. you make it yourself from a sachet and you can buy this at Holland and Barrett, Wilkonsons and on line and at QVC do a very offer if yu buy in bulk. the yoghurt maker is so simple to use, nothing but hot water in a flask, you mix the sachet with room temperature water and let it do it;s thing over night. there are no addivitives or preservatives in it.

    Funny about the pork, I raised my own porkers when I lived in NZ. I buy my pork from a local farmer, his porkers are raised organically. I might have to have a talk to him.

  • I also use easi-yo yogurt I only purchase the Greek one and is absolutely gorgeous, have it plain, on wraps, add it to a curry add own ingredients like cinnamon, fruits, jams, sadly I have only one packet left and as I live abroad it is a nightmare to receive it here, I have to rely on friends coming over, but sadly no visitors for now, must make a shopping list for anyone going to LAKELAND.

  • Hi I do a lot of shopping for G/F at Mercadona, plus at Altesa stores, they have great Rice Cakes which not all are G/F but these ones are really nice.

    May I make a suggestion that possibly you look for a good chiropracter who also deals with Nutrition, mine does thankfully, if not go and visit a Nutritionist in the area you are staying, I do think if you need any anti-inflammatory product then purchase a good one which is a TURMERIC with Bioperine (helps to be absorbed into the body) from any health store where you are staying.

    If it is your gut, then try a teaspoon of cider vinegar in a glass of water before each meal, or purchase saurkraut, all good for "leaky gut", however it could be something else, but I would check out first a Nutritionist, if you send me what the Dr has given you as I am in the Canary Islands and have lived here 17 years, so have a lot of dealings with them.

    In their language as well.

    Wishing you all the best.

    If you wish to call me if you have a Spanish number then please do so maybe I can help on the phone.

    0034 (code) 696267469

  • Hi thanks for your great reply. I'm on enantyum 25mg and Buscopan (normal as before). I do have a history of IBS. But since having my appendicts removed a as they ruptured I have had no pains. But had lots of symptoms related to gluten intolerance. Won't do test as don't want to be ill through eating gluten. I do have yearly blood tests though. I taking note of yor advice and did see a physiotherapist and after his deep massage every muscle in my body felt like it was on fire. I was bed ridden and in tears for 48 hours. I've now gone back to Yoga and Pilates but being very gentle with it and not competing. Just want to feel normal again.

  • Hi Tammydog,

    Does the pain in your back radiate upwards towards your shoulder blade? Because what you describe sounds like gall stones. I have had mine removed after fourteen very painful years when I was constantly told it was indigestion.

    The only relief I could get was to lie on my right side with my knees drawn up.

    Doctors always say that you should go on a low fat diet but I am not so sure this works. Your body will produce bile no matter what and it will have to go somewhere.

    Don't continue to suffer. Harras your doctor until you get a cholangiography or CT scan. The operation is now fairly easy using keyhole surgery.

  • It's does radiate to my shoulder. I can't do a full body stretch in Pilates or yoga as it pulls my shoulder blade.

  • Hi Tammydog,

    If the pain does radiate to your shoulder then you probably have gall stones. Don't let the doctors fob you off demand an x-ray or CT scan. You shouldn't have to live in pain.

  • Thanks it's really bad tonight...can't get any relief. I'm on holiday until beg April. But the doctors have said to go back if no better. So I will. At least and can relay the info when I get back to UK if nothing else.

  • Research has linked cholecystitis and coeliac disease, so get that checked out. The low fat diet is standard for gall stones but they'll cause the pain you describe unless they're dealt with either by (a) surgery; (b) ultrasound or (c) drugs. Don't wait till you get jaundice. Good luck.

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