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Gluten and pain

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I went to a party last night and the lady made sure there was plenty of gf food as there was a lot of people with celiac. I ate a simple meal with chicken and chips. And a gf bun burger. But at dessert time she made little pots of gf but at the base there was cake. Does anybody think that might have had gluten? Because I woke up with puffy and sore eyes. And bad headache. As the days going by my back and arms r in pain. Anybody understand ?

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I'm coeliac and nearly two weeks ago I had the exact same symptoms, puffy and sore eyes, bunged up, and aching in my legs and arms, I thought that maybe it might be hay fever, but I decided to do a covid test, and was positive.

From the following day until a day ago, I don't think I have ever felt so ill in my life, I tested positive again two day's ago, but yesterday I actually felt a bit better so I've just tested again this morning, but and I am still positive.

I am fully vaccinated and always take care when going out, and I'm not saying that you have covid, but it might be worth testing for it just in case.

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cathie in reply to nomorebeer

Hope you get better soon

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nomorebeer in reply to cathie

Thank you, I do feel better than I did, but not quite 100% yet.

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Junny1 in reply to cathie

Thanks Cathie

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Junny1 in reply to nomorebeer

@nomorebeer U know something… that even crossed my mind🙈🙈🙈. It’smy neices wedding on the wedding too! But I think it it’s the gluten that’s caused this

It’s possible that it could be the chips. The cake at the bottom of the dessert pots may have been gf but there could have been cross contamination from the oil the chips were cooked in. I always avoid chips when out and about for this reason unless the restaurant specifically says that only gf foods were cooked in the chip oil. Your friend might not have considered this problem.

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Junny1 in reply to MTCee

Yeh maybe.. she got the gf chips but it won’t have crossed her mind about the oil 🙈

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chrissy30 in reply to MTCee

Yes one has to be careful of chips that you don't make yourself. Some frozen chips can have flour in them to so they don't stick together. I always ask what type of chips they use if I do eat out which is rare now due to not everyone being au fait with coeliac disease of they thing it's just a fad.

It oucld be there was cross contamination with something your hostess made but she made not have realised it. The best thing is do a Covid test and also check with the person giving the party. People don't always realise about cross contimation with utensils. I keep a separate fridge for my foods and I know everything is gluten free.

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