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I phoned the doctors today as I've had no word about my endoscopy biopsy results which where done on Christmas eve. The receptionist told me that their report read no action meaning there's no problem.well that's great news I'm not a celiac.but the problem is I was shown a picture of my results at the hospital and told I had gastritis and to see a doctor after Christmas.I've only been waiting to get a letter.the other thing is that since the biopsy my stomach has been worse pains bloating reflux almost vomiting and I ate half a biscuit the other day and I had such pain and discomfort.the only relief I get is by eating gluten free as advised by the consultant who organized the biopsies, so I can't understand what the problem is and how it's not showing up.

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If the consultant told you to go gluten free, and you know you are having problems with gluten, make sure you are cutting out gluten containing foods.

Gluten is difficult to digest for everyone, whether or not you are coeliac, and if you have any damage to your insides it would make sense to cut out the gluten. It may also be a good idea to avoid ready made foods with additives such as emulsifiers.

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Thanks penel I'm back on the GF diet and intend sticking to it. Spoke to the Dr this afternoon and was told at first that they hadn't looked for celiac disease after I questioned that, she said the biopsies results weren't back yet so they couldn't comment until they where and when questioned about my gastritis I.e is it autoimmune or pathologic as in viral or bacterial she couldn't answer the biopsy results weren't back yet. Hum


stay away from gluten my doctor said my tests were negative for CD and I ended up getting some of my bowel removed because things got so bad. I am strict with my diet now and I have no problems. I would never want to live through that pain again!


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