New too this area of the site. I have an underactive thyroid and pcos and was suggested too me I try gluten free so from January I'm going too give it a go. Can any one give me hints or tips I like too cook from scratch so would love recipe sharing I'm also vegetarian I'm hopeful being veggie and gluten free can work in also hoping it helps weight loss as I'm currently infertile and would like another miracle baby and weight for me is an issue. Thanks in advance x

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  • There are lots of GFbooks out there, I like ones where the recipes don't have too many ingredients. I've found that good old home cooking is good and just be careful what you use t thicken gravies and sauces. I like Orgran vegetable gravy powder, I get it from my local independent health food shop. I also joined


    When you join you get a directory with hundreds of GF ingredients, it's worth joining for that alone. You get magazines throughout the year too.

    Once you get into the swing of it you will find it quite simple to cook GF. I also find it has stopped me snacking which is good, like today someone brought in a load of mince pies but the weren't GF so I didn't have any, you can obviously get GF snack food but junk food is junk food whether it is GF or not so I tend to avoid it and I've just got int the habit of not eating between meals which would suit you if you want to lose weight. Good luck with it all.

  • Hello thank you for reply ive gotten a couple of books from library today but like you say I didn't want ones with a tonne of ingredients I made a loaf today which was quinoa and chia seed and olive oil lemon juice and salt pretty simple and dense like a rye type bread. I'm going too try paleo recipes for bread and that type of thing not keen on xanthan gum in everything. I love too cook and I've tinkered with gf before but not seriously most of my cooking is gluten free just by chance really but I have bread with dinner or crackers at lunch etc I'm googling like mad for recipes I get so excited I want too cook right away lol

  • Sounds good. If you enjoy cooking I'm sure you will be fine. I was like you I dabbled with GF then when I was diagnosed with some sort of inflammatory arthritis I decided to go the whole hog and haven't had anything with gluten since.

  • Hi thanks again did it help with the condition? I don't fully understand what problems are with wheat too be honest but if it helps too get me ovulating again its worth a try

  • I think so, my thyroglobulin antibodies were 401<115 when I had them tested in July and were 205.9 <115 when I got my results back today.

    My thyroid peroxidase was 31.3<34 last time and 9.7 <34 today so although the thyroglobulin antibodies are still too high they are lower than they were so I'm hopeful.

  • My best advice is don't be too hard on yourself to begin with, and go carefully through your store cupboard and throw away anything with wheat/gluten in it. It lurks in some things where you would not expect it, like soy sauce.

    Remember to find things that you regard as a treat so that you don't feel deprived. I often make a batch of chocolate coconut sqaures really easy, but very satisfying for those moments when you'd have liked a cake or a pastry!

    Good luck.

  • Heyyy good to hear. I suffer from the same problems. I have written hundreds of recipes on my website coconutandwhat.com. Everything is free for you to use. Hope you like it and message me when you want :-)

  • Hi Nettiboo

    If you've got PCOS, you need to keep your insulin levels under control. You need to stay low carb if you can, especially avoiding processed carbs and sugar.

    Have a look at Indian cuisine for vegetarian and gluten free meals. They use wheat flour in bread, but otherwise they use chickpea flour which has a reasonable protein content.

    This are two sites that might be useful.



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