Hello everyone I'm off to have an appointment with a consultant on Monday to see about celiac sister says she had her biopsies the same day she saw the consultation but my letter doesn't give any indication of this or give advice on weather I should eat or take medication before I go.I know to ask about blood tests but not which ones and to ask for 4 samples of the biopsy,can anyone give any advise please.

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  • HI Lamb, just take yourself and a list of meds your on. When its biopsy time the letter will tell you, no food 6 hours before, no drinks 2 hours before, water etc. just had mine, go for sedation. Good luck.

  • Thanks toeknee

  • Hi pet-lamb. The purpose of the consultation would usually be to decide what further examination to undertake following the blood test results. So I think it's quite unusual to have an endoscopy prescribed before seeing a consultant. If you haven't been told to prepare for the endoscopy it's best to just go to see the specialist for a consultation only, no need to prepare for the gastroscopy. When I had my endoscopy last Monday I only had the spray: it wasn't a nice experience but nurses were very professional and caring at QE Birmingham and the procedure only lasted a few minutes. The more you try and relax the easier and less unpleasant it is. You can decide on the same day of the endoscopy whether you want sedation or spray. The minimun number of samples taken is four so you don't really need to ask. It is sometimes possible to see if you have CD during the endoscopy, otherwise you need to wait for the biopsy results. Good luck! 😉

  • Thank you angelias

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