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I have been on gluten free for a while but never been able to eat the bread as I also cannot have any starch and most g f bread has it instead of g . I recently had blood tests and the results say I have Polymyalgia is there any connections , I am now on Prednisolone and never realised how ill I have been before I feel so much better in every way . does any one else have the same and any info about it please let me know

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I was diagnosed coeliac when I was 70. A while later I was diagnosed with polymyalgia. Prednisilone also made me so much better. However the polymyalgia is supposed to last for only a certain length of time while you gradually come off the steroids. I gradually lowered the number of steroids to none. Immediately the polymyalgia started back up - more steroids. This has happened three times. The doctor does not want me to keep taking the steroids so I am on painkillers. (or could this just be old age???)

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I was diagnosed coeliac 4 years ago and been on GF diet since. Being Gf has got rid of the worst of the symptoms but have not felt particularly great since with various symptoms. Diagnosed with polymalgia 3 months ago and also general cell arteritis and have felt terrible since then but i'm on a very high dose of pred which brings its' own symptomology. I think I had PMR at least a year prior to diagnosis. You should join the PMR/GCA community on here it is really great source of info and support especially in managing the pred. Don't know if there's any link with the ceoliac except that PMR sufferers find they feel better if they are GF so we have a head start. I certainly get the impression I haven't suffered as much with pain as most people on the forum.

I hadn't eaten bread 5 years prior to ceoliac diagnosis as it sometimes made me pass out and I have just got used to not eating it. Now that I'm on Pred I have a pre-payment prescription certificate and so I'm availing of the GF prescription food and it's so much better than I thought. If you order bread they give you 6 loaves - I woudn't eat that in a year! I use the flour and oats bake some "healthy" bakes for occasional treats such as soda bread or cheese and walnut scones and use low sugar or coconut oil to reduce fat and sugar. Don't know if you know but apart from encouraging weight gain, Pred is likely to induces diabetes so you have to really watch the carbs as these convert into sugar. Oh joy!


Morning Folks. I have thyroid problems , Pmr for which i took pred it took me around 18 months to reduce from 15mg to Zero pred using the very slow reduction plan used on pmrGCA forum. I have not been diagnosed with gluten problems but find gluten free helps with my problems [reflux etc] I have found that making use of these forums has been a life saver, i have found that medics are not very clued up on these strange ills. Mary if i may give some advice do Not be in a rush to reduce the steroids, as you will keep yo yoing up & down and in the end will be in pain for longer. best wishes to one and all. Dave

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