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Upset stomach from bug?

Good morning all

Sitting here recovering from what the doctor says is a stomach bug, fever settled down but still needing to make frequent trips to the loo as am still very loose in the motions (sorry about the details) I am intolerant to gluten and wheat and at present doctor has put me dairy free as well. Getting round to the point of this is would taking a over the counter med such as imoden (think that's how you spell it) help settle things back down? Would like to get back to work but as a gardener conveniences can be a bit lacking when out. Any info most welcome.

Thank you


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Good morning Mike, well you are in a bad way so poor you, we all get stomach bugs and wonder if it is the dreaded gluten so don't beat yourself up over the cause.

Now immodium, in my opinion if your Dr had thought these a good idea they would have prescribed them and may be it's better to get things out of your system and actually get better quicker.

So you could take electrolytes as we need more of these when we've had the runs:

And I hope you feel better soon,


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Hi Mike52, as far as I know if it's a bug symptoms should only last a few days -I think generally 3 days?-. If you've had this problem for longer, then I think you maybe eating something not gf. If this is not the case, then doctor should refer you to a specialist. Hope you get better soon! 😊

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