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100% g/f w/f

Hi is there anyone out there that can let me know if they find it impossible to be 100% g/f w/f without having to just make do with meat potatoes and veg or salad all the time as I am still suffering all the symptoms just a slight improvement because I,ve been having products with the coeliac safe limit of gluten like glutafin bread what else can you eat I react to glucose syrup as well I,ve changed gp three times since being diagnosed due to moving house I look at every pack and have know decided not to chance things that say made in factory that handles etc but I now feel I might as well give up eatting all together as I am sick of what as become boring food I know there are plenty of choice of veg but its still veg I now realy on people cooking my meals and freezing for me to microwave so I can,t experiment like I use to I,ve been almost completely bed bound for nearly 2.5 yrs I saw a dietician at the beginning but not since and no blood test done to check vitamin levels feel so alone with it all

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I am totally GF and wheat free. I do eat rice, and the occasional quinoa but rarely.

I am also pretty low carb, too. I rarely eat spuds, and rice only in small quantities. I also hardly eat sugar. But it's fine, I still cook creatively,

Breakfast was always the big challenge. But nowadays I have a smoothie made with pea protein, which is pretty well the only processed food I eat. Lunch and supper are both high protein, loads of Veg and healthy fats.

I am permanently exhausted but not bed bound, so it is relatively easy for me.


Going gluten free was like magic for my health so I didnt mind eating only naturally free gluten free.

I didnt get tired of fruit and veg, and felt good when I stuck to that way of eating,

When I stray to wanting and eating the old "treats" I immediately feel the difference, so for me its my choice of feeling good or lower energy levels. Its the social contact that I find difficult to get around,... to resist or not.

Thats when I resent it, when I felt better I didn't mind, but after feeling well for ages I started to want to eat like everyone else ! and it doesn't work for me , so back to the old pain fare


Hello I know exactly how you feel. I have suffered with stomach problems for years and was diagnosed with coeliac at the beginning of the year. I lost so much weight that I am now underweight and desperately trying to put weight back on. I try to vary my meals by eating rice, pasta and potatoes but I have found now that when I try to make meals more interesting it upsets my stomach. I also seem to not be able to eat anything containing too much dairy. I am about to try some vitamins to see if these help as i too thought that once going g/f I would feel so much better but unfortunately don't. If you join coeliac uk there are recipes on their site you may find useful


Hi there I went on parsley and garlic tablets and a good probiotic at the same time. Go off fruit for a while as your gut may be fermenting. No onions, not even in soup.give it a go it did wonders for me.


hi dobido,

it must be so frustrating! i've been there. i'm now gf and df and i've multiple chemcial sensitivity. i can eat any process food or use any commerical made sauce. Eating out at a restaurant is very chanllenging except eating sashimi with gf soy sauce. i can only eat organic veggi & fruit, or i get really sick. i discovered what i have is lyme disease and its co-infections plus multiple heavy mental posioning thanks to mercury amalgam and then have it remove unsafely by non-biological dentist. it might be worth it to rule out chronic infection and heavy mental poisoning via a natural path doctor who are trained in chelation etc. i'm slowly improving after being diagnosed correctly recently. and, you'll get better too. hang in there.

there are a whole new world of delicious food out there with gf, df & even people like me. these are what i've been doing:

1. switch to organic as much as possible

2. eat real whole food and prepare your own food. avoid process food.

3. filtered water for flouride, chlorine, plane fuel, pesticide, mercury, heavy mental etc. a good one. i use santevia but there are others too.

4. probiotic & prebiotic for gut healing, digestion aid & antimicrobial and up biodiviersity in your gut: make homemade fermented/cultured foods like kimchi, saur kraut etc. check "wild fermentation" facebook group and join it for free and get recipes and cultured to ferment your own food. important to heal your gut.

5. gf. unless you can get raw milk from a farmer or milk your own milk producing animal, otherwise df

6. raw honey meaning honey hasn't been heated up above it normal bee hives temp as a probiotic and it contains enzyme to help digestion.

7. eat grass-fed only butter and grass-fed only beef/goat/sheep etc. why? check out podcasts and search grass fed butter/beef

8. google nasa research for plants that improve indoor air quality

9. don't use plastic etc with food, cooking & drinking containers/cutlery/pot/pan

10. see a natural path doctor to do a heavy mental challenge urine test. need to make sure you've no mercury in your mouth prior to the test. if you need removal, make sure you see a biological dentist.

11. check if your furniture contain flame retard

12. google recipes for chia seeds, carob powder, quinao, buckwheat, wild rice, rice, flex seeds (only powder form), sweet potatoe noodle (glass noodle often use in pad thai), rice noodle, bean noodle, msio soup, curry, thai food, indian food (use coconut milk instead of dairy milk), korean food, use gf soy sauce, yam fires, baked yam

i'm writing a recipe book which i cannot mention cuz i'm not allow to do so here! sorry! but there are many out there. your public liberary like contains many recipe book.

13. avoid gf baking unless they use a combination of flour that has low glycemic index. read 'wheat belly" if you want to know why. i tried the recipes on that book, it was horrible recipe. but the explaination by the cardiologist author was helpful.

14. reduce your toxic load from food (eat organic, gf & df), water for drinking/bathing (use filtered water), indoor air quality (opening window, plants, use non toxic household cleaning products from clothing detergent to dishwashing soap to shampoo) google david suziki for DIY clothing detergent. i use baking soda for shampoo, coconut oil for mositurizer, left over tea & coffee grind for cleaning greasy dishes, therapuetic grade essential oil as perfume/collogne, white vinegar/baking soda for dishes, use cotton cloth for cleaning things & boiling them in hot water to wash off grease. studies in USA show high toxic load in even healthy population due to pesticide, GMOs, mercury & other heavy mental pollution in air/water & soil, antibiotic in water & soil, factory dumping toxic waste into river & open, spray toxic chemical in furniture such as flame retard which doesn't stop your furniture to go in flame and many more.

15 avoid eating sea food from bottom feeder such as shell fish, shrimp etc. avoid eating big fish such as cod, whale, swordfish, tuna for they have much higher concentration of mercury and whatever pollution in the ocean. eat small fish & its oil instead.

16. detox and chelation, but you need supervision for it could be dangerous to do these without supervision. natural path doctor who are trained in these area will help. medical doctor in canada, usa, china or russia have no training in chelation, detox and heavy mental etc. google dr mercalo website library and/or dr klinghardt for more detail explaination

17. take binders before eating a major meal. google dr mercalo website library and/or dr klinghardt for more detail explaination and consult your practitioner for more info.

these are just some of the things that helps me. youtube also contains a lot of cooking instruction.


oh, i forget to mention your natural path doctor can order a test to see if your gut bacteria is imbalance/overgrowth or not etc

prebiotic are food that you can't digest but it feeds your gut good bacteria/micro etc. to maximize your probiotic, one needs to take prebiotic. google it.

donna gate website: she posted a list of natural sweetners that will not feed your candida. problem with gf baking with high sugar content will possiblly enhance yeast/candida overgrowth.

goodle 'healthy gut summit," functional medicine, gut brain connection, dr mercola, dr klinghardt, better health guy, bulletproof podcast. they all interviews researchers, scientists & doctors on many health & diet related issue.


Wow,,,,,, thankyou for all info!!!!! Am just perusing 'Fodmap' diet,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, onwards n upwards :) (BUT, sometimes 'forget' am not to each dairy chocolate), only in moderarion!!!


Hi dobido, firstly I'm so sorry to read how you're struggling. Now my diet is wheat oats and gluten free. So I do not eat codex wheat, oats or malt.

When I was first diagnosed over 20 years ago I ate mostly whole foods and a few days after diagnosis I went to a gf food demo in Bristol and the food was codex based and so synthetic I decided to see how I could cope for myself with naturally gf foods and I went from being very anaemic to feeling great in a couple of months. But I was a single dad with a teenage son and a full time job and I found it hard work so I tried some codex rolls on prescription and I became anaemic again with stomach issues and my GP thought that I had IBS! So I stopped eating codex and bounced back again. I had also tried malted breakfast cereals listed in the food directory but boy did that make me ill. So for the last 20 years I've avoided what I see as ''allowed levels of gluten'' And I feel fantastic because of it, I have off days like everyone but my GP see's me as very healthy and asked what secret was!

So what do I eat, I eat home made bread with naturally gf grains, I make cakes again with naturally gf grains and they are not like the cakes in the supermarkets free from aisles with a myriad of additives I use butter, brown sugar and free range eggs with a gf grain. And my main meals are made from scratch using fresh meat and vegetables but I try to make them flavoursome with herbs and spices.

I tried some high protein pancakes and they are made with just banana and egg and they look just like pancakes and are so easy to make here's a picture of my first attempt:

I also really like fruit crumbles and have made an apple crumble with chickpea flour, butter and sugar and it's really nice. I also like shortbread with rice flour as that is slightly gritty and gives the shortbread a really nice texture.

Other posters have mentioned quinoa now this is not really a grain but a seed and very nutritious and you can buy quinoa flakes, quinoa flour and quinoa seeds.

Lin 58 is not alone in not being able to tolerate a lot of dairy and I'm OK with milk in tea but lashings of cream gives me the runs and I believe that many coeliac have issues with too much fat. Also glucose syrup can be derived from wheat and some have a reaction to it.

Now you are not alone so well done for telling us how you really feel and you want to ask your GP for an annual blood test to check your iron vitamin and mineral levels, this is a very good indicator as being anaemic or vitamin deficient is going to impact on how you feel.

So don't give up just try and rise above it and look at what you can eat, my philosophy is I eat myself healthy. And I'm sorry this is a bit long winded but I find this very interesting.

And I hope that you start to feel better soon.


Thankyou,,,, info is power :) am going to try the pancakes :) cheers,.


Thanx for answering my question I went on abit sorry I,ll try anything but my main problem is I have carers cooking my meals most of the time and tend to bulk cook so if I,m alone and able can just pull one out of freezer Glad you feel better


Hi again, It must be so hard having to rely on others for your gf meals so here's some gf food that is delivered to your door:

I also think that its understandable that you feel the way that you do about food.


I'm coeliac so gluten free, wheat free, no oats or the rest AND lactose free but eat constantly so there must be plenty to eat. I have started to buy more from the GF isle in the supermarket and some of it is ok. I stick to under 20ppm.

I've seen some cooking/dietitian events advertised recently, would that help? Or specific GF cookbook?

Btw it's still possible to have IBS on a GF diet so maybe a referral?


Dobido,,,, luv ya name :) sorry I canna help, but the replies seem really good (I just canna digest (lol),,,, information!!!! Good Luck,.

I am perusing FODMAP!!!!!!, but really got have bit of cake n choc,,,, will see how I go!!


Hi, I had issues for years after I was diagnosed, and couldn't understand why, when I read the coeliac UK magazine, others seemed to have a vast improvement in their health once they went gluten free, but I didn't! I've now come to realise that for some of us it's not that straight forward. I used to wake up with stomach discomfort every morning, and also terrible itchiness. Most of this cleared up when I stopped eating Codex Wheat Starch. I cannot understand why companies like Glutafin and Juvela use it! The other thing that made a big difference to me was going (almost) dairy free. This was hard as I do love cheese and other milk products. I now find that I can include a little dairy in my diet, but have to be careful not to have too much. Also I can have a few oats, but not too many. I think it's a very individual thing. Don't give up. I'm sure things will get sorted out for you. It's a matter of trial and error.


Hi cheese is the only diary I do have I never have liked milk but worry that I we lack calcium if I cut out cheese


Let Google be your best friend! There are so many great blogs online with fantastic, tasty recipes. If you're not able to make them yourself, hopefully you can get your spouse on board! I Google the recipes, do the shopping, and my hubby does the cooking! Favourites =,,, (she does recipe roundups each week that highlight autoimmune protocol-friendly recipes. You don't need to be AIP to enjoy them!). Good luck to you!


Yes I agree with Jerry as I'm the same. I find I got better by cutting out all the preservatives as well as Gluten/oats/wheat and 3.5 yrs down the line I feel better although still make mistakes. I also felt better by baking my own bread/cakes/biscuits using a blend of different flours, too many thickeners & preservatives in supermarket & prescription G/f bakery products.

Invest in a bread maker and have a look at Innovative Solutions Pure flours, your GP can order these for you, also I try to stay away from xanthan gum. I use psyllium husk in my bread making. It takes time to get rid of all these things from your body. Good luck.


Hi, there is so much in this post that I agree with, having had problems for years and little help from medical world have now been gf free for over 2 years now also going dairy free. One thing in my favour is I like to cook so happy to try things out when I get e time. I use little of the free from ranges now as with a lot of people I find reactions to the loads of stuff they put in it. Dobido I can understand your problem but there are a lot of recipes out there which are quick to do and very tasty that your helpers could do for you. The best tool to help is your PC as there is so much information on line, spend some time hunting on the web and see what you can find. I have changed a lot of recipes over past few years this way. Good luck and I hope you find something to help.


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