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Can ceoliac cause oral thrush??

I havent been to see a dietitian for months now or been to get bloods done, every month I get thrush mostly oral I went to see a nurse yesterday she told me she couldnt treat me for oral thush and that I should contact my GP as I shouldnt keep getting thrush so much and it could be sign of something else and should get bloods done so I have booked an appointment today. Do you think it could be because of low vit or iron levels?? It makes me feel low with no energy which doesnt help my anxiety either feel like I dont even want to go to the doctors today im off on holiday from work so It could well be a sofa day...

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Do go and see the doctor when you can. You don't want to leave it untreated or you will just stay feeling ill, it could spread, and, as you say, it may be a symptom of some underlying problem.

I used to get thrush a lot many years ago. Along with the medication I cut out all yeast products, like bread, and cut out as much sugar as I could. I took probiotic tablets and eat a lot of plain live-culture yoghurt.

The thrush seemed to be down to having a compromised immune system. If I have to have antibiotics I always take probiotics to ward of the possibility of it re-occurring and still eat live-yogurt.


Hi there I would suggest you go off all fruit and sugar, take garlic and parsley tablets for a month along with a good probiotic, the trish could be all thru your system causing stomach issues and this is a great natural way to clean your fermenting system out. Wishing you well

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Most likely to be sugar imbalance (as in too much), yeast and steroid use. So if you have something like an asthma inhaler it helps to rinse your mouth after using it (and never swallow the water afterwards).

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Yup poosibly jacks! I have the gp on monday for bloods!


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