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Can anyone tell me if I may have been glutened please.I'm not a celiac according to my blood test but I have hashimotos so I'm trying to go gluten free.I've managed well eating only GF foods for the last two weeks.I have more energy don't feel as tired and haven't experienced the usual bloating or as much wind as usual after eating until about 2hours ago.I mistakenly ate a quorn lasagne I made with real pasta for my vegetarian granddaughter. Since then I've felt bloated jeans became too tight I got wind and needed the stomach feels tight and uncomfortable I feel over full and have regurgitated a little food.I only ate a small portion about the size of half a small tin foil tray.

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I'm also not a coeliac according to my blood test but my sister and two of her four children have been diagnosed as coeliac and coincidentally they are also the three with hypothyroidism. I think that link is too close to ignore. I have been gluten free for six months and the most wonderful thing is that I am no longer prone to constipation, which has bee a life long problem.

I think you are gluten sensitive and you will feel better in a day or so. You have to ditch wheat based lasagne from your cupboards or you might slip up again. Anyone coming for dinner in my house goes gluten free without knowing it. Good Luck!


Thanks Jane I'd agree cleared all my cupboards of anything gluten but forgot I'd made this before I'd decide to go gluten free.interesting about the constipation thing,I'm the same.


Unfortunately, the longer you go without gluten the stronger the reaction is likely to be. Even a very small amount may affect you.

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Hi , well the tests are not fool proof so you are reacting to gluten so stop thinking you can eat it some times but not other times, if you have hashimoto`s then chances are you have celiac. i have both and also RA and also cross react to other foods which

can cause gluten ataxia. be very careful what you eat.a good site/forum for hasimoto`s is do your own research and always get second opinions

because doctors will let you down and mess with you . you think they no a lot about medicine and by rights they should , but they just don`t have the time to do any up

to date research. take some one with a mild stroke well lack of T3 (hormone) is the cause but doctors don`t seem to no this. do you get the message. i wish someone told me this years ago, ah well hind site is a wonderful thing.


Thank you autogirl, I went GF to help my thyroid and ate gluten by mistake a few weeks in, it wasn't planned and as I didn't know I had a problem with gluten I was surprised at my body's reaction to eating ordinary pasta. Although maybe I shouldn't have been as I've always had symptoms. I've now asked my doctors to test for CD and gluten sensitivity so have had to return to eating gluten until after the tests. The only advantage of a confirmed diagnosis will be help with a prescription for GF food as a pension I find it hard to meet the costs of GF foods

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you are doing the right thing getting tested. one thing is if you buy gluten free flour

you can easily cook your self as as you need to save it can be a problem. tests don`t always pick celiac up so don`t be surprised if this happens to you. doctors use the cheapest test available but are not always the best. i would do some research and ask for the correct test. i have not got tested as all my symptoms are about gluten and ataxia. my mum showed signs of it also and it was not that hard for me to find this out. i also have hashimoto`s which is also autoimmune , RA also which my grand

mother had. my doctor was useless and the hash`s was missed and he will not treat it.

so i went private , not because it is different but the doctor who finally diagnosed me

was in private practice. as he is now retired i buy my pills online and don`t see the doctor

that often this keeps down the cost somewhat. well good luck,.


if you have celiac then a good pro-biotic is a given and also yogert as it helps the healing. i use bicarb if i do get any tummy problems.


Thanks autogirl, I will do some research,I was going to pay for the phoo test,it's American,but I'm not sure if our doctors would accept their findings if I have CD or gluten for baking I've always baked and will continue to it although I can make lovely gluten free cakes, bread and pastry still manage to defeat me so far.


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