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Gluten free online food shops, help please

As people with specific dietary requirements, we don’t get much choice in the supermarket, there is a very limited range! People who need gluten free, lactose free, or vegan foods aren’t being looked after and we want to solve this. We want to put all the foods you buy, for whatever requirements you have, in one place.

We are developing a new online market place for health foods to provide for all of your dietary needs.

We’re hoping to get your favourite brands and foods on board; we just need to know who’d be likely to use this service.

It shouldn’t take more than a minute so please answer the following 10 questions to help us out. We really appreciate your feedback.


Please use the link below to find your way to our survey

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Have done the survey but please note, you are asking for comments BEFORE the service is up and running and therefore it is impossible to score or properly comment until one has experienced it.

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Is this a survey that Coeliac UK are currently supporting?

If it isn't, are you aware of that such an online marketplace website (besides Amazon) already exists?

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Have done the survey but agree that it's impossible to answer some of the questions properly. While I'm very keen on widening the availability of gluten free foods, there are quite a lot of similar gluten free delivery options online (even mainstream options – Ocado's gluten free section covers everything I need) and this seems like something that was badly needed a few years ago but less so now. What we need is more GF on the actual high street...


Why cant I get into the survey?? It just keeps coming up as page not available!!!

Moggie x


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