British Airways GFML Fail

Nothing like a long haul flight and the airline messing up your meal request. I flew to Denver in World Traveller Plus last month with @British_Airways, where I was given cous cous and cake.

Upon comment to the stewardess I was told "I cant help that, Ive got 350 passengers to serve". They later brought me the start from first class which was covered in some thick sauce. I asked if that was gluten free, to which the stewardess "had no idea".

BA customer service thanked me for notifying them so they can improve the service. Ive decided to thank them by switching to Virgin Atlantic - Im finding the service is much better and the cost is normally the same as a BA flight. They havent failed to provide a good GFML so far. #BAFail.

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  • Went on a flight to Vegas 2 years ago and given GF bread and pasta which I can't eat - ended up eating a fruit platter. Flight crew were really helpful and tried to book me a special diet for return flight. Flippin starving! Apparently when you book your seats and you can't eat the GF stuff you should request a special diet which excludes just about everything dodgy. No special meal arrived on return flight but crew got me a baked potato from somewhere and were apologetic. I think the advice from people on this site is to take your own food which think is what I will do in future for long haul flights. I bet you were hungry. It is awful being stuck on a long haul flight and being hungry there is absolutely nothing you can do. I think the stewardess' attitude was appalling. Last thing I would want is to be glutened on a plane - you can't risk anything.

  • I'm sorry that happened to you.

    Honestly I think its best to take your own food. I will be when I next fly. I don't trust others with my health.

  • Hi thewanderer71, I think that you have done the right thing by voting with your pocket as this is crap service from BA exacerbated by the stewardesses attitude.

    What coeliac around the world need is a proactive organisation that has some clout with these big companies so they cannot treat coeliac with indifference. And airlines/restaurants etc can get labelled as coeliac friendly. An extension of this:

    So thanks for telling us about Virgin Atlantic and warning us off BA and I'm sorry that BA treated you like this.

  • Be careful there thewanderer71! I flew with Virgin Atlantic last year and was glutened on the flight. A crumble unlabelled as GF arrived and they said they were sure it would be ok. It really wasn't. :-((((

  • That is awful, but I have to say, I have flown long haul with BA numerous times, and have only had one problem, was given a non gluten free biscuit, the staff were mortified, and I have always found the crew lovely. I complained to Customer Services and was given air miles for compensation.

  • Flew with American Airlines. Was told there was no gf meal. Was offered dairy free, vegan, salt free, vegetarian, kosher, halal, sugar free. When I said I couldn't have any of these the stewardess shouted at me "Will you stop telling me what you can't eat and tell me what you can eat". Was offered air miles but I'll never fly with them again

    Taking gf food yourself is on on the way out, not so easy on the return flight

  • Oh my gosh!!! They could offer dairy free, sugar free or salt free but not gluten free... *Bangs head against wall*

  • My own personal experience with BA has been brilliant. Just got back from a trip to the states and they were outstanding on both the way out and the way back. Very sorry to hear you had a bad experience mind you x

  • I've been glutened by BA via a so-called GF meal, also given food with gluten listed as an ingredient. I didn't find staff helpful or sympathetic either.

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