Made my first boo boo

Wow its easy too slip up on gf diet ive only been doing since monday but ive made salad dressing with mustard i didnt check and ive been using oat milk thats low gluten not free from oops. How do you all do it must get so tiring checking everything 😐 lesson learnt im not diagnosed celiac but i have an under active thyroid and im lead too understand being gf is better for hypothyroidism. Ive had one test which showed negative.

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  • Hi nettiboo, like you I have under active thyroid and I'm doing GF.I'm waiting for the biopsies results but my blood test was negative as was my sister's who is now confirmed as isn't easy and it's frustrating doing the GF diet the consultant I saw before my biopsy told me to eat GF even if the biopsies don't show celiac disease, possibly because I have symptoms but I've read that it helps lower thyroid hormones my thyroid disease is autoimmune.I find the worst bit is trying to eat away from home and the bread is awful.

  • Yes, it can take time to get it right, and we've all made mistakes! Reading every label every time is a chore, but it has to be done. Sticking with naturally gluten free whole foods and avoiding foods that come with labels can help a bit.

    If you don't usually cook from scratch, now is a good time to learn. Hopefully, you will start to feel the benefits of going gluten free soon.

  • Hi there, what makes you think Mustard isn't GF? I've not seen or heard anything to suggest so. It will be on the allergen list on the label but doesn't mean it's bad for the GF diet. Maybe someone else can confirm? I hope I haven't been making that mistake for the last 4 years! Good luck, you'll get know what to look for and what. To avoid.

  • Mustard the plant is GF. As an ingredient its fine.

    Maybe there's some confusion here as some brands of mustard are not GF. I think Colman's premade isn't but the powder is.

  • Plain raw mustard is gluten free. Quality mustard sold in jars, as we all know it, can be found gluten free and even sugar free. Store bought salad dressing containing mustard is a different story.

  • Some mustards contain malt extract or malt vinegar, so aren't GF. You have to look for the ones containing white or spirit vinegar...

  • Yes but unless it was labelled as containing wheat then you can assume it's gluten free.

  • Only half an hour ago I took a packet of pork pate from the fridge to make my lunch. Morrisons pate is usually okay and my wife bought it. I wouldn't normally read the ingredients but I did for no reason this time. No gluten ingredient, but below the ingredients that terrible little note that says 'may contain gluten containing cereals'. Shame. it will go in the bin. Makes me wonder if I've been caught out before though. No matter how careful you are, when you're still sleepy and youre making your lunch its so easy.

  • See I would still eat that no problem. I think it's normally because its made in a factory that has gluten about.

    But too many of my favourite foods have this on the label. I think it depends on your sensitivity.

  • I used to be able to do that for the first year or so of being gluten free, but gradually became too sensitive as I felt better. I'd be very wary now - it's difficult to tell who's just covering their backs and who's actively dangerous.

  • I agree and I get caught out every now and again, but the risk seems to be worth it for me.

  • label reading IS a chore,

    but has to be done, and done even with things one previously thought were ok, as with factory mergers etc products change and what was gluten free is no longer free. Its a nightmare. ...

    Mustard is ok in the powder form but the ready mixed one is not, and we don't know what they use in a manufactured food..

    One can contact the firm, this does add to awareness of the problem and that people are seeing what they produce, AND bottom line what we will and won't buy and profits or potential loss of profits do speak loudly.

    in the end all we really want is to be and stay well

  • Thank you all for replies it was english mustard premade I stupidly assumed as the powder is ok so would the premade stuff oh well annoying I have a big tub of powder too.

    Thanks again

  • Yes sadly Colmans English mustard does, however Dijon does not, Salad Cream (Heinz) does not, Heinz Tomato Ketchup no, HP Brown does have Rye and Barley, you are as I guess using soya milk, may I make a suggestion to come off anything soya (sauces, milk, etc) I have been doing G/F since Dec 1st however I will not throw food away, so I am once a week or two weeks eating the bits I had in either cooked or baked by myself.

    I am no longer eating Wheat/Oats/Barley/Rye, also have stopped the "Nightshade" I take every day Pure Organic Turmeric with Bioperine, between 1-3 a day depending on the inflammation, I also take Glucosamine/Chondroitin/Msm 2-4 a day.

    My Rheumatologist told me she cannot believe difference, my Chiropracter is amazed how much my pain and inflammation has gone down in only 10 days, now 4 weeks in, much better, not gone altogether, but I was a skeptic however I shall never knock anyway of eating again until I try it.

    I have just made yesterday my own coconut milk I kept the water that came out of the coconut, and from 2 fresh coconuts I have made my own coconut flour, 300gms. Not bad when you look at cost of coconut, water, milk, flour.

    I use Rice Milk as well as Rice flour.

    If you boob a few times then no worries, but everything you then purchase if not making homemade or purchasing organic, reading labels is a task, that has to be done.

    Happy and healthy eating.

  • Hello thanks for points on what sauces too try. In answer too your question I don't use rice milk I don't use soya either I like dairy free milk mostly koko coconut milk or oatly.

    Nightshade is that potato products?

  • I now make own own coconut milk, but use rice milk and almond milk, as oats are part of the 10 "bad" foods not to eat then I would never use any oat milk.

    My inflammation has not gone completely, but as I have grade 4 Chondropathy Artrosis, and damaged Patellar also Tendonitis in both knees, which were so inflamed I was unable to walk unaided, but as I looked at what was causing inflammation and how I could help myself, the 10 items I have stopped eating (nearly as I said I do not throw food away). Nightshade are Tomato, Aubergine, Potato, Red Peppers.

    Hope this helps.

    Stay well.

  • Its so hard! I have been GF for 7 months and just realised that the Selenium supplement that I take a couple of days a week has gluten in it! I was SO mad with myself as I really thought that I was doing well and was hoping to be 100% GF.

    Lesson learned for me - take more care and don't assume

    Stay strong - we will get there :)

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